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Proud Boy Chairman Enrique Tarrio’s Defense Fund Reaches $100K Goal

The mainstream media might hate him, but patriots don’t.



Just a day after his arrest, the legal defense fund for Proud Boy Chairman Enrique Tarrio has reached its goal of $100,000. 

Tarrio was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of destruction of property just after arriving in Washington, D.C. Speaking to Ford Fischer of News2Share following his release, he compared his arrest to that of Roger Stone, stating that he was arrested at gun point, with multiple police cars being involved in the arrest, which shut down the bridge he was traveling into D.C. on.

Shortly after Tarrio’s arrest, his family set up a fundraising page on the Christian fundraising site GiveSendGo. Just twenty-four hours later, the fund has reached its goal of $100,000.

You can view, and contribute to the fund by clicking here.

Tarrio’s charge comes following him admitting to taking down and burning a Black Lives Matter sign in the District during the recent pro-Trump December 12th demonstrations.

Notably, nobody with Black Lives Matter was arrested following the burning of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. during the George Floyd riots in June.

Tarrio was additionally charged with possessing two high-capacity magazines, which is illegal in Washington, D.C., where the Second Amendment does not seem to apply in. Many on the right are speculating that the magazines were planted on Tarrio.

Due to Tarrio admitting to burning the banner on social media website Parler, the judge ordered him to stay out of Washington, D.C. until his next hearing on June 8th.

Big League Politics will keep you updated on Tarrio’s case.



Feckless Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Pepper Sprays Man After Bar Fight Over Masks, Flees Scene

Will Wheeler face criminal charges?



Left-wing Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was involved in a physical altercation of sorts on Sunday night, ultimately pepper spraying a man who asked him to wear a mask at a Portland restaurant.

The left-wing mayor recounted the incident in a Portland Police report. Wheeler relayed information regarding the incident through his public safety advisor, but it doesn’t appear he actually reported the altercation himself.

Wheeler recounts being approached by a man at Hillsdale McMenamin’s pub, who questioned why the mayor wasn’t wearing a mask. The man, according to Wheeler, followed him to his car, with a brief conversation ending when Wheeler utilized pepper spray on the target. The man was surprised Wheeler resorted to spraying him, exclaiming “I can’t believe you just pepper sprayed me.

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Wheeler has been largely responsible for the city of Portland’s ‘stand down’ approach to Antifa and left-wing violence, making his city a national embarrassment over the protests and riots that have devastated the community since last spring.

Wheeler had been harassed and allegedly assaulted at a restaurant several weeks ago, with repeat Portland riot arrestees approaching the mayor and screaming at him. It’s totally unclear if this altercation began in a similar fashion.

The left-wing mayor finally condemned the Antifa terror movement at the start of the year, well after Joe Biden’s election as president. Wheeler himself participated in Antifa riots at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse throughout the summer.

Wheeler could potentially face criminal charges such as assault and battery stemming from the incident, with his own account of events seeming to suggest that he escalated the altercation to a physical dispute.

‘Polite’ Democrats are hoping that the criminal Antifa movement will quietly go away now that Trump’s out of the picture, but Portland’s total failure to stop far-left street violence bodes poorly for their plans.

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