Proud Boys Lampoon ‘Slow’ Joe Biden After He Mistakenly Refers to Them as ‘Poor Boys’ in Presidential Debate

The Proud Boys, a pro-Trump fraternal organization that has been maligned falsely as white supremacist, are making fun of former vice president Joe Biden after he repeatedly called them the “poor boys” at last night’s presidential debate.

“He says about the Poor Boys, last time we were on stage here, he said, ‘I told them to ‘stand down and stand ready,’” a confused and disheveled Biden said at the debate.

Liberal commentators responded to Biden’s mistake in various social media posts:

Proud Boy leaders also got a kick out of Slow Joe’s gaffe, using Biden’s lack of cranial power to promote viral memes and publicize their patriotic organization.

“We live rent free in Joe Biden’s head. At least we know there’s one good thing inside that empty demented old man’s head,” wrote former Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, now a prominent Proud Boys organizer, on the alternative free speech platform Parler.

Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio said: “Keep the change Joe…I rather be poor then be a filthy communist.”

Some of the memes being posted by Proud Boys members on social media can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported the truth about the Proud Boys, including one group member who was locked up for years away from his family because he fought back against ANTIFA terrorists in the New York City streets:

ZC Kinsman, the wife of “Proud Boys” member John Kinsman, posted a YouTube video pleading for help and support after her husband was ripped away from his family and his young baby daughter, Liberty.

“My name is ZC Kinsman, and this is my daughter Liberty, and her dad John Kinsman is currently serving four years in New York state penitentiary with his friend Max for the crime of defending himself against a domestic terrorist organization, ANTIFA, who decided that the night of the speech that my husband attended that they were going to vandalize the club,” she said…

The Proud Boys certainly finished the fight that ANTIFA started outside of the MET in 2018, but the men who stood to face the communist threat head on have paid a great price for their patriotic actions.

Kinsman explained what happened: “My husband leaves the club with a police escort, and six members of ANTIFA with masks on their face, which is illegal in New York. They show up with masks on their face. They intercept the group that my husband was in, threw a bottle of urine, and then… a fight breaks out. My husband turns a corner and sees this, and he jumps in to help because ANTIFA is known to carry weapons and God knows what else.”

She noted that left-wing prosecutors essentially teamed with the ANTIFA terrorists and used their propaganda to build the case against her husband and other Proud Boys, while letting ANTIFA members off with slaps on the wrist or no punishment at all for instigating the conflict.

Kinsman also said that the media was in on this conspiracy, as they refused to take pictures of her, an African-American woman, in court so they could paint her husband as a violent Nazi.

“I am even mentioned in the trial by name, but that never made it in the papers,” she explained.

“Back to the obvious right now that Trump supporters are the real problem, and that seems to be what everyone wants to agree on. That we’re the problem. We’re the Nazis, and that’s how you justify the violence against us,” Kinsman added…

She hopes to raise awareness of the injustice that has happened to her husband, and will cause their three children to grow up for years without their father. She has started a website to raise funds to help keep food on her family’s plate while her husband serves his sentence.

Despite the institutional and systemic oppression they have experienced, the Proud Boys remain on the front lines against leftist extremists at war with the Bill of Rights and Constitution. These brave souls are cut from the same cloth as the founding-era revolutionaries.

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