Psaki Admits That Biden Regime Is Sneaking Illegal Children Into Country’s Interior

Charter flight transporting illegal children from Texas.

The Biden regime has spent the last nine months proving why they were the most popular political campaign in American history. From rapidly rising consumer prices to the quagmire that was the Afghanistan withdrawal to the child-sniffer-in-chief taking his booster shot in a studio for reasons yet discernable, the current cadre of children occupying the White House has been working hard to earn the unprecedented approval ratings coming out of nearly every poll, no matter how oversampled they are in their favor. More recently, the Biden regime has been caught with its pants down in trying to dissolve the American people and elect a new one.

According to the New York Post, charter flights are being used to resettle illegal children in the suburban areas of New York and have been doing so since at least August. No word yet on whether the liberal gentry of Manhattan are willing to put their money where their mouths are and welcome these vibrant children into their neighborhoods like how they tell the rest of the country they must.

Apparently, the charter flights originate in Texas, where border integrity has all but broken down, allowing scores of illegals to wade over the Rio Grande without much consequence. Many of these illegals are then assumed to be minor children and transported by charter flights to several locations far away from the southern border.

Jen Psaki was no longer able to obfuscate the issue when a reporter recently called out the regime’s shenanigans in a recent press conference, citing the highly unusual hours of the night that these operations were conducted, implying an attempt by the Biden regime to keep their supposedly heroic efforts as quiet as possible, perhaps worried about approval ratings plummeting even further.

In this video clip, Peter Doocy confronts Psaki with the question of why these operations were being conducted in the middle of the night instead of broad daylight if the intentions were pure and noble. In response, Psaki attempted to brush off the unusual circumstance by postulating that it might seem to be an unusual hour to fly for Doocy, but the Biden regime is committed and obligated to take care of the logistics of resettling the illegal children until such a time when their parents or a “vetted sponsor” can be identified. What constitutes vetted remains uncertain, as with most of the regime’s policies.

The Biden regime has affirmed its commitment to take care of the border. With 37,805 unaccompanied minors being apprehended in July and August alone, according to US Customs and Border Protection, it would appear to many that the regime is either incompetent in matters relating to border security or is deliberately allowing this to happen.

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