Public Anger Heightens In China After ‘Zero-Covid’ Policy Traps And Kills At Least 10 Instead Burning Apartment Building

China’s potential leader for life, Xi Jinping, is facing a wave of public anger over his “zero-COVID” strategy.

Surfaced video footage shows CCP forces welding apartment exits shut during lockdowns. Trapping desperate Chinese families inside.


Public anger is at its highest in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region, after a faulty power strip in a bedroom on the 15th floor of an apartment building caught fire. 

Firefighters attempted to put out the fire, but because people were locked inside the building thanks to China’s draconian Covid measures, at least 10 died.

From The New York Times:

[The Xinjiang region] has unleashed the most defiant eruption of public anger against the ruling Communist Party in years. In cities across China this weekend, thousands gathered with candles and flowers to mourn the fire’s victims. On campuses, students staged vigils, many holding up pieces of blank white paper in mute protest.

In Shanghai, some residents even called for the Communist Party and its leader, Xi Jinping, to step down, a rare and bold challenge.

These calls for Jinping to step down and the end of the CCP are monumental because they could be deemed sedition, which is punishable by prison.

CCP critics outside China casted blame for these needless deaths onto Jinping too. While blasting Westerners like Dr. Anthony Fauci who has made comments in the past claiming the country’s Covid policy should be seen as a “model” for the rest of the world.


These critics, like angered Chinese protests, criticized the country’s restrictions as neither scientific nor effective

Despite these horrendous videos now circulating the internet, some woke journalists in the West are still defending China’s policies.

The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz, for example, responded to the New York Times article about the deadly fire by attacking claims for “natural immunity” to Covid.

Lorenz said that “There is no lasting ‘natural immunity’ to COVID. You can get covid over and over and over again bc there are so many endlessly evolving strains and antibodies wane.”

“Also,” she continued, endorsing the lockdowns, “choosing not to kill off millions of vulnerable people (as the US is doing) isn’t a ‘critical flaw'”.

It is unclear whether there will be more protests against Jinping and the CCP because government censors have scrubbed the internet of videos and messages supporting any party dissent.

Regardless, the rest of the world is watching.

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