Public backlash as parents are barred from attending meetings of Texas’ ‘Racial Equity Committee’

For the first time since the district’s “Racial Equity Committee” was formed in 2016, the committee has barred members of the public from attending its meetings.

After trying to park his vehicle in the parking lot of the school hosting the meeting, a disabled Fort Worth resident who tried to attend FWISD’s “Racial Equity Committee” (REC) meeting on Thursday was told to remove it from district property.

They don’t like the light of truth that we have shown on them, they want to lurk back to the shadows to hide while they waste our money and divide our children, our city,” FWISD parent Hollie Plemmons told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Equity has not helped the students, it’s only made those in the business of equity rich. If that money had been spent on extra teachers to help the kids struggling to read just imagine how much better off the students and scores would be.”

According to CBS DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth), the REC will not hold public meetings and will not post meeting times or locations because there won’t be a quorum of school board trustees present, so it won’t be bound by board policy or the Texas Open Meetings Act.

It’s almost as if they think that parents have no right to know what is in store for their children

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