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Border Security

‘Public Charge’ Immigration Rule Enters Into Effect, Blocking Immigrants from Welfare

The rule makes immigrants dependent on public benefits ineligible for green cards.



The Trump administration’s ‘public charge’ rule enters into effect Monday, having survived a round of nationwide injunctions halting it by activist judges when the Supreme Court approved the rule last week.

The rule prevents immigrants who appear likely to be dependent on public benefits such as food stamps and other welfare programs from receiving green cards.

Such policies actually have wide precedent in the history of American immigration policy, the term ‘public charge’ first being codified into law with the Immigration Act of 1882. Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli appeared on Fox News Monday morning to break down the new rule.

Cuccinelli explained the lengthy legal battle that occurred over the rule, which has already been enforced for decades previously in American history with accusations against its constitutional legality.

Reserving limited welfare resources for American citizens isn’t a question of judging immigrants. It’s a matter of recognizing that our government’s first and foremost obligation lies towards American citizens, which Cuccinelli explained in his segment.

It’s not a moral judgement on individuals- it is an economic one. We expect in America, as we have for 140 years, that people seeking to be long-term immigrants here and maybe join us as citizens, will be able to stand on their own two feet and are willing to stand on their own two feet.

A crucial means to preserve programs that are designed to benefit America’s poor means reserving them for American citizens. Extending medicare and welfare benefits to illegal immigrants- as Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders has proposed– merely ensures the eventual bankruptcy and abolition of these programs.

The rule possibly represents the most significant change made to legal immigration policy during President Donald Trump’s administration. It’s possible the reform could significantly scale back annual levels of legal immigration, if strictly applied.

Unfortunately, it appears that there are pro-big business elements within his own White House that seek to undermine President Trump’s pro-American worker agenda.

Border Security

Arizona Border Patrol Officer Stabbed Multiple Times, Shoots and Kills Criminal Alien




A Border Patrol officer patrolling the US-Mexico border shot and killed a man who stabbed him multiple times in Southern Arizona on Monday night.

CBP officials reported that the unnamed agent was patrolling near the transnational city of Nogales, Arizona, when he encountered a group of individuals he suspected to be aliens entering the country illegally. One man accompanying them group attacked the agent when he sought to apprehend the aliens, stabbing him multiple times.

The CBP agent went on to fatally shoot the alien, who may have been a smuggler moving a group of illegal migrants across the border. Deputies of the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office were called to provide backup, and the Border Patrol agent that was stabbed had to be airlifted to a Tucson hospital early on Tuesday morning. Fortunately, he was released from the hospital later the same day.

Cartel-affiliated criminal smugglers have increasingly sought to infiltrate the United States in Arizona, hoping to avoid a buffed border patrol presence in Texas and new wall construction in the most trafficked areas of the border.

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Preliminary reports indicate that the Border Patrol agent may have been alone when he encountered the smuggler’s group of criminal aliens, a hazard that has resulted in violent attacks on Border Patrol agents by cartel-affiliated criminals before.

The FBI is reportedly investigating the incident. It’s unclear if the group of aliens encountered by the agent have been expelled under special coronavirus immigration regulations, transferred into the custody of immigration detention, or simply allowed to proceed into the country.

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