Public Expresses Outrage as Left-Wing Artist Brings Demonic, Perverted Art to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Concerned members of the public are expressing outrage as a left-wing artist brings publicly-funded satanic art to the quaint community of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

During public comment, members of the city council defended demonic artist Abby Light after her grotesque works were exposed:

Light’s Instagram account clearly shows instances of demon worship, including one painting where a child is being sacrificed for Satan. That portrait can be seen here:

Ali Shute, executive director of the Art Commission, believes this is the sort of art that “will appeal to the younger people.”

This sort of art in actuality appeals to the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and John Podesta, two Democrat Party creeps who have been accused of depraved acts, as Big League Politics has reported:

Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion, which used to be a K-12 school for children, contained a great deal of peculiar artwork that give a glimpse into the mindset of this convicted sexual criminal.

The Democratic-affiliated predator had a mural of a prison yard with himself at the center of it in his home, perhaps realizing that he would someday be held accountable for his life of reprehensible behavior.

Other bizarre works of art contained in the Epstein mansion included dozens of prosthetic eyeballs decorating his hallway, a life-sized doll hanging from a chandelier as if it was being tortured, and a large display with nude figurines on a human chess board.

Epstein’s mansion cost a whopping $56 million, but it was essentially gifted to him by billionaire retail magnate Leslie Wexner, a long-time associate of Epstein’s.

Authorities reportedly found child pornography in his house after they raided it. God only knows how many atrocities were committed inside Epstein’s seven-story townhouse on 9 E. 71st St.

Similarly depraved, sexual imagery has been showcased in the home and office of brothers John and Tony Podesta, long-time Clinton associates who were found at the center of conspiracy theories after leaked Democratic Party emails were published by WikiLeaks in 2016.

John Podesta had an image depicting cannibalism hung in his office while he worked the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2016. He used to quip to shocked observers who asked about the morbid painting depicting two men feasting on another that “it’s better to be the guy with the fork than the guy on the table.”

Tony Podesta’s home is filled with even more bizarre artwork. Certain images include depictions of women without heads, a nude woman soaked in blood, a blasphemous nude painting of Jesus Christ, and a young boy who looks as if he was rendered by a sewing machine.

The most creepy piece of artwork is a statue in the likeness of tortured victim of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer which hangs from the ceiling of Tony Podesta’s home. Similar to Epstein’s life-sized doll hanging from a chandelier, it shows a reverence for human suffering that is seemingly commonplace among the liberal elite.

Independent journalist Ben Swann investigated the revelations found in the leaked e-mails related to John and Tony Podesta when the conspiracy theories were at their peak.”

It is not a coincidence that this sort of art is being mainstreamed as grooming and sexual perversion is pushed openly on children. This is a satanic agenda out to destroy the souls of children.

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