Public Health Experts Freak Out about Fake Vaccine Cards for College Students Available for Purchase Online

The public health experts who want college students to submit to the COVID-19 virus regime are angered about a growing market for bogus vaccine compliance cards that are increasingly available online.

Certain campus officials are calling for digital vaccine passports, similar to the mark of the beast, in order to force college students into compliance and snuff out this market-based solution to government tyranny.

“The United States, unlike most countries which have electronic systems in place, is basing its vaccination on a flimsy paper card,” said Benjamin Mason Meier, a global health policy professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“There need to be policies in place for accountability to make sure that every student is operating in the collective interest of the entire campus,” he added.

“This is why I think the development of a reliable national digital vaccine passport app is very important for the sake of all the organizations and businesses that want to require proof of vaccination for employees, students, or business patrons,” said Rebecca Williams, a research associate at UNC’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

Others do not feel the fake vaccine compliance cards are as big of a deal as they are being made out to be by certain paranoiacs who demand nothing short of full compliance because they surrendered their souls to mass hysteria.

“I think that the numbers of students who would do that would be so very small that it wouldn’t affect our kind of ability to get good community immunity,” said Dr. Sarah Van Orman, the chief health officer at the University of Southern California.

Big League Politics has reported on how college students are being forced to submit to vaccine mandates even though they are not a group at high risk to catch and spread the virus:

Indiana University students are now being forced to take a COVID-19 vaccination should they want to continue their education after a federal judge refused on Monday to block the school’s mandate.

U.S. District Court Judge Damon Leichty in South Bend, Indiana, rejected the argument by eight students that the school had violated their bodily autonomy and constitutional right to due process.

“This university policy isn’t forced vaccination,” wrote the judge. “The students have options — taking the vaccine, applying for a religious exemption, applying for a medical exemption, applying for a medical deferral, taking a semester off, or attending another university.”

Other universities have already denied students legitimate medical exemptions for the shot, including an incoming college freshman diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome who lost her scholarship and admission due to refusal of the vaccine.

The students sued last month and asked the judge to block the school’s requirement of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend. Exempted students are forced to follow separate COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

“Today’s ruling does not end the students’ fight — we plan to immediately appeal the judge’s decision,” states James Bopp, a conservative activist attorney who represented the students.

Per Reuters, more than 500 colleges and universities have mandated the COVID-19 vaccine, and Leichty’s ruling appears to be the first in a case challenging such a policy.“

Fake vaccine compliance cards are the free market at its best. College students should rebel, as they have in the past, against this grotesque and unnecessary infringement against their individual rights.

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