Public Schools are Amassing “Gender-Affirming” Gear 

K-12 school districts are now establishing gender-affirming closets, per a report by the Daily Caller. This move is ostensibly aimed at creating a “safer and more inclusive” environment in K-12 schools.

These closets will give students access to chest binders, stand-to-pee devices, and makeup that will assist students in changing their gender identity.

Children’s hospitals, libraries, and LGBTQ organizations are teaming up with school districts to allocate funds and resources towards building gender-affirming closets in these facilities. The materials students receive help them complete the gender transitioning process by aping the other sex.

Back in August, The Driftwood Public Library in Lincoln City, Oregon, celebrated a “Gender-Affirming Closet Donation Kickoff” to receive donations from the community for the gender-affirming closet that was being built at the local high school. The library was calling for donations of tucking tape and chest binders on top of bras and boxers.

“No Left Turn in Education is concerned by the trend of public schools across the nation offering gender-affirming closets for students that include products such as chest binders for girls and tucking tape for boys,” No Left Turn In Education Chief Communications Director Yael Levin said to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Not only does this usurp parents’ rights, but it is practicing mental health gender-affirming medical care without staff being licensed mental health professionals and without parental knowledge or consent.”

According to the Daily Caller report, “tucking tape is used to push ‘breast tissue flat’ in order to create ‘chest masculinization’ over time, according to the website for TransTape, a company that sells tape for gender transitioning.” There are even online tutorials for the different ways students can use the tape to bind the chest and “give the appearance of pectoral muscles.”

The Daily Caller report also observed that the “tape can also be used to tuck male genitals to reduce their appearance. The tape is water and sweat proof, allowing it to stay on for a few days.”

Additionally, the Daily Caller detailed how chest binders function: 

Chest binders are a tank top-like item with ‘double panel binders’ that come in nude colors to flatten the breast area, gc2b, a trans-owned company that makes chest binders, stated on its website. The binder is meant to match the color of the skin and hide a female’s breasts to give them a male appearance.

“Chest binders can cause restricted breathing, break the skin around the edges of the binder, cause overheating and even bruise or fracture the ribs,” Levin said to the DCNF. “Tucking tape can cause chafing, urinary tract infections, problems with urine flow and twisting of the testicles. Further research is needed to determine if tucking tape might lead to hernias and to infertility in boys.”

The Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago teamed up with several schools in the city to supply LGBTQ resources such as websites for gender-affirming products. The website FtM Essentials, a place where people can purchase gender-affirming items, features stand-to-pee devices, packers, and packer holders.

The Daily Caller highlighted the grotesque nature of stand-to-pee devices:

Stand-to-pee devices are prosthetic penises “designed for standing urination” for females, according to the FtM Essentials website. Harnesses and tight boxer briefs are required to keep the devices in place and it is recommended that females try the device out in the shower first to learn how to use the device.

“An aspect of concern is that children see their peers getting special treatment and access to these closets, and that leads to developing resentment towards students with actual gender dysphoria, which could then lead to harassment and bullying, and even contribute to the social contagion we are seeing among our nation’s children,” Levin said to the DCNF.

The “It Gets Better Project” handed out 50 grants of $10,000 each to schools nationwide. These grants were designed to create gender-affirming closets and establish “Gender Sexuality Alliance” clubs as a way to build “safer and more inclusive” environments in schools. 

“In many cases the advertised availability of such items in a school setting suggests a deliberate attempt to circumvent parental involvement,” Free To Learn Coalition President Alleigh Marre said to the DCNF. “The distribution of these types of items without the express cooperation of the minor student’s family is completely inappropriate. Our schools should be focused on core competencies and academic achievement.”

What we’re seeing here is what happens when the Left is allowed to capture public institutions. The Right needs to start drawing lines in the sand by making sure that all institutions — from government agencies to civil society organizations — are free from leftist influence. 

Ultimately, this will require a thorough purge of these institutions. Indeed, this will be a nasty process but it must be done if we want to preserve the integrity of our nation and leave behind a functional society for our posterity to enjoy.

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