Public Transportation Mask Mandate ‘On The Table’

Yesterday, mask mandates made a comeback in the city of Philadelphia.

Now, it appears the COVID conversation is going to be resurfacing more and more in the national spotlight over the coming weeks.

This is what White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha had to say on Monday about extending the federal mask mandate for public transportation.

During an interview for NBC’s “TODAY” show, Jha told host Savannah Guthrie that the CDC was working towards its decision to recommend continued mask-wearing on public transit. Adding that extending the current mandate that is currently posed to expire on April 18th is still “on the table.”

“This is a decision that the CDC Director [Rochelle] Walensky is going to make,” said Jha. “I know the CDC is working to develop a scientific framework for how to answer that, we’re gonna see that framework come out I think in the next few days. And based on that, we’re gonna want to be guided by this decision. You know, throughout the entire pandemic, we’ve wanted to make decisions based on the evidence and science and that is what I expect we’ll do again this week.”

Of course, most Americans are fed up with COVID-19 and all the mandates accompanied with them from unelected power-hungry bureaucrats like Jha.

There has been growing pressures for the CDC to end all of its mask mandates after recently extending requirements on March 10. And critics have been quick to point to the fact that COVID-19 is no longer as deadly as it once was.

Not to mention trust in the CDC for accurate reporting is at an all time low.

Jha’s flip flop messaging comes at a time when many schools have finally started to drop their mask mandates for students and staff. Notably, the majority of states have either lifted or never had a statewide mask mandate.

Back in March, the Senate voted with a bipartisan majority the end the CDC imposed travel mask mandates. Now the CDC is facing a handful of lawsuits challenging the mandate. Including a suit filed by 17 Republican members of Congress led by Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.

10 pilots from major commercial airlines filed a similar lawsuit. And 21 states recently sued the Biden administration because of conflicts between the mask mandate and state laws.

These lawsuits argue that the CDC exceeded its authority when it issued the mask mandate. And that the mandate is unconstitutional because it violates people’s right to travel freely.

Sounds like all this COVID controversy is about to flair up again. Right in time for 2022 midterms.

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