Purdue University Holds Gender-Neutral Homecoming, Honors ‘Royalty’

An Indiana university decided to scrapped a traditional homecoming celebration in lieu of a gender-neutral, social justice-approved homecoming Saturday.

“The university’s student-led Spirit and Traditions committee decided to do away with the traditional ‘king’ and ‘queen’ labels for the ceremony’s respective male and female winners, instead bestowing them with the title of ‘homecoming royalty,'” according to a report.

Purdue University is the latest major college to make a mockery out of itself in order to appease to the screeching social justice crowd, which will surely never be satisfied.

“Purdue University seniors Lily Bishop and Grant Wood were selected as the 2018 Homecoming Royalty winners during Homecoming festivities on Saturday,” the school said in release. “The two were crowned during the halftime celebration of Purdue’s football game against visiting Boston College in Ross-Ade Stadium.”

The school has been on the cutting edge of social justice nonsense for some time. It’s Online Writing Lab (OWL), used as a resource by college students across the country, advised writers that words that include “man” should be avoided earlier this year.

“Writing without gender-biased language is necessary for most audiences,” the guide said. “Biased language frequently occurs with gender, but can also offend groups of people based on sexual orientation, ethnicity, political interest, or race.”

Penn State University will also host a gender-neutral homecoming celebration this year in the interest of “diversity” and “inclusivity.”

“We’re striving to open up Homecoming so that all Penn State students can feel like they are welcome and able to participate,” said Ally Berdan, executive director of Penn State Homecoming 2018. “Our goal is to identify the best students to represent Penn State without regard to their gender, gender identity or gender expression.”







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