PURE EVIL: Churches Torched and Razed to the Ground During Anti-Government Riots in Chile

Another one of those “mostly peaceful protests” erupted over the weekend in Santiago, Chile, on the anniversary of last year’s protests—read: riots—against the Chilean government.

On Sunday demonstrators and criminals smashed up businesses, looted stores, attacked police, and even vandalized and burned two churches.

The riots happened one week prior to a referendum on a new constitution, of which the rioters are in favor. The current constitution was written during the autocratic rule of General Augusto Pinochet, with two-thirds of the Chilean electorate voting to adopt it back in 1980.

In addition to supporting a new constitution, the rioters claim to be dissatisfied with persisting economic inequality, inadequate health care, and insufficient pensions. This is despite, as the Wall Street Journal points out, economic growth and decreasing poverty over the years.

Some Chileans may have some legitimate grievances—I’m by no means an expert on the Chilean economy or political situation—but I will always side against the protesters when I see churches being desecrated and city blocks being destroyed. Far-left agitators are without a doubt behind these horrifying scenes. It’s too bad we no longer have General Pinochet around to deal with these Marxists the proper way.

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