‘Q’ Shaman Betrays Trump, Blames Ex-President for Trespassing, Disorderly Conduct Charges

The so-called ‘Q’ Shaman arrested and charged for trespassing at the US Capitol during a riot earlier this month has flipped on President Trump, now blaming the President himself for his own alleged criminal conduct during the raucous event.

Jacob Chansley’s lawyer described his client as blaming Trump for his own conduct during the riot.

He regrets very, very much having not just been duped by the president but by being in a position where he allowed that duping to put him in a position to make decisions he should not have made,” said Albert Watkins, Chansley’s attorney, in a statement to a Missouri TV channel.

Chansley’s attorney went on to pin even more blame for the events of January 6th on President Trump, as opposed to his client.

Let’s roll the tape. Let’s roll the months of lies and misrepresentations and horrific innuendo and hyperbolic speech by our president designed to inflame, enrage, motivate,” Watkins told Missouri’s KSDK. “What’s really curious is the reality that our president, as a matter of public record, invited these individuals, as president, to walk down to the Capitol with him.

Rather curious that Chansley’s attorney seems indistinguishable from an anti-Trump MSNBC partisan.

Chansley faces charges of civil disorder, obstruction of an official proceeding, disorderly conduct in a restricted building and demonstrating in a Capitol building. It’s possible the Arizona man could face more than a decade in prison if he’s convicted of the charges.

In pursuit of the ultimate viral social media upload, Chansley had entered the US Senate chamber and was photographed standing at the Senate President’s desk. Chansley was extradited to Washington DC from Arizona earlier this week, and he could be charged with even more serious felonies as a result of the January 6th event.

President Trump did not tell the handful of rioters who trespassed during the January 6th event to start going crazy and trespassing(in some cases through breaking and entering) into the Capitol. That was never going to solve or accomplish anything, other than enabling attention seekers such as Chansley to establish themselves as online ‘influencers.’ The President had told demonstrators to proceed outside the Capitol grounds “peacefully and patriotically.”

This guy styled himself as a Trump supporter, but it appears the Q shaman is willing to pass off responsibility for his own actions onto President Trump at the drop of a pin. Maybe dressing up in a silly costume and screaming the loudest isn’t the single greatest indicator of being the most pure Trump supporter or American nationalist.

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