Rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel Promoted Far-Left Dogma, Banned Guns at Synagogue Before Islamic Hostage Situation

On Saturday, an Islamic terrorist besieged Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Tex., taking four hostages. The jihadist was killed and the hostages were freed due to the immense bravery and heroism of law enforcement on the scene.

Charlie Cytron-Walker, the full-time Rabbi at the Congregation Beth Israel, was among the hostages who were freed.

Cytron-Walker has a long history of supporting far-left causes which may have empowered the Muslim radical to commit his act of terror on Saturday. One former attendee said that he was forced to leave Congregation Beth Israel because of Cytron-Walker imposing liberal dogma, including gun control, upon the Synagogue.

“This is my old synagogue, I left due to a few issues, first, the Rabbi called Israel an apartheid state against Islam, and a second, he didn’t allow his members (including myself) to be armed during services. Now he is held hostage by a Muslim man with a gun,” the former attendee of Congregation Beth Israel wrote on social media.

The post can be seen here:

The former attendee claimed that there was an “exodus” from the synagogue that he believed was in repsonse to Cytron-Walker’s gun control edicts as well as his “socialist liberal agenda,” which included kowtowing to Black Lives Matter thuggery. He also said that Cytron-Walker cared more about fundraising for his liberal causes than actually providing comfort and solace to his flock. The public record with regards to Cytron-Walker confirms his far-left radicalism.

In a puff piece about Cytron-Walker, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency noted how he was “well known in the area for his interfaith and social justice work.” The article also explained how Cytron-Walker “received an award for his leadership on LGBTQ issues” while studying in Rabbinical school. He also pushed social justice dogma throughout other religious faiths, including Islam, through his interfaith work. Additionally, Cytron-Walker signed a pledge in favor of Israel ceding land to Palestinians. 

A weekly email blast sent out by Congregation Beth Israel in 2016 implored Synagogue attendees to push for the destruction of the 2nd Amendment by taking the following steps:

“Take Action and End Gun Violence with NFTY in 4 different ways: 

  1. Join over a dozen cities organizing mayor visits 
  2. Incorporate gun violence awareness into Shabbat on June 3 
  3. Contact your members of Congress 
  4. Wear Orange on June 2 and share on your favorite social media platform 

Learn more at  www.nfty.org/orange”

Even though Cytron-Walker is being presented as a hero by the fake news media for surviving the Islamic terror onslaught at his Synagogue, right-wing Jews are contending that he needlessly put his followers in danger by imposing left-wing dogma at Congregation Beth Israel.

“This is why every single Rabbi needs to encourage their congregants to carry,” Laura Loomer wrote in a Telegram post. “And this is also why Jews need to stop voting for Democrats who are importing jihadis who hate them.”

“At this point, any synagogue that doesn’t have heavily armed, low profile security is complicit in an attack like this,” Jacob Wohl wrote in a Telegram post.

Cytron-Walker’s extremist beliefs facilitated the Islamic terror attack at Congregation Beth Israel, and the incident serves as yet another textbook case proving the futility of gun-free zones.

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