Rabbi of Pittsburgh Synagogue Welcomes The President, Hate Is ‘Not A Political Issue’

Despite the naysayers on the left, The Leader Of the Tree Of Life Congregation welcomes President Trump. To be clear, since the horrific attack occurred, irresponsible parties on the left have blamed President Trump. Despite the sick attacker being a hater of the President, those with an agenda have still placed blame on The President’s shoulders.

Now the Rabbi of The Tree Of Life Synagogue, Jeffrey Myers, has split with the irresponsible left and declared that President Trump is “certainly welcome.” He also declared that hate does not know “religion, race , creed or political party.”

Unlike leftwing groups the actual leader of The Tree Of Life pins the blame where it belongs with the perpetrator. This is a powerful statement which is absolutely true.

CNN tried to bait Rabbi Myers into placing blame on an external source for the hatred of the shooter, but Myers did not place politicized blame for the shooting in his interview with the cable network.

“Good will always win out over evil,” Rabbi Myers said.

To be clear, President Trump is actually one of the biggest friends of The Jewish people ever to hold the Oval Office. President Trump has moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, Trump did Away with the Iran deal, and Trump deported an actual Nazi.

Despite these facts the left will always resort to calling their opponents racist or anti Semitic. Even when there is no truth to it. When the Democrats can’t win on the power of persuasion they will label their opponents. Fortunately the leader of The Tree Of Life is putting his congregation before partisan politics.

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