RACE HUSTLE: ACLU Cautions Immigrants and Minorities Traveling to Florida

A once reputable defender of civil liberties, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has continued its descent into race hustling.

On Twitter, the ACLU posted a travel warning that advised immigrants and minorities to exercise caution when traveling to Florida.

The tweet stated, “BREAKING: We and partners have issued a travel advisory urging immigrants and people of color to use extreme caution when traveling in Florida. The state is on the verge of passing a draconian anti-immigrant bill which will endanger our communities.”

The ACLU warned citizens and non-citizens of increased threats of  “racial profiling, unjust detention, and deportation.”

An ACLU press release revealed that this statement was made after Florida Senate Bill 168 and House Bill 527 were recently passed.

These bills would undermine sanctuary cities and encourage cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.

According to the ACLU, “These bills prohibit all localities in the state from adopting policies or procedures that limit entanglement with federal immigration enforcement.”

Mass migration is in style with the modern-day Left and accusations of racism will be hurled at people who critique open borders.

BLP recently exposed Beto O’Rourke’s calls for mass amnesty for illegals and the current Pope’s criticism of Trump’s border policies.

Despite accusations of racism levied by the media, border security advocates are concerned more about the cultural integrity and political security of their country.

BLP reported how a good portion of American Hispanics support the construction of a wall and similar measures to promote border security.

President Donald Trump was prescient about his assessment of European cities like Brussels, which have become increasingly dangerous due to mass migration policies.

Because of this, Americans on the GOP side of the aisle are starting to overwhelmingly support immigration reduction.

Screams of racism eventually become played out as most middle Americans are more concerned about real issues, as opposed to media-driven outrages.

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