Race-Obsessed New Jersey Democrats Work to Remove ‘Huckleberry Finn’ From Schools

Two Democratic lawmakers from New Jersey have found another scapegoat for their politically correct crusade against the evils of racism in society: Mark Twain’s legendary book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

These race-obsessed hucksters are triggered by the book’s uncensored content which includes racial slurs and attitudes of the late 19th century, the time period in which the book was written. These passages are considered abhorrent and unacceptable to these snowflake government officials.

Assembly members Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (D-Mercer) and Jamel Holley (D-Union) are leading a legislative book burning of sorts as they attempt to rob children of their educational experience because due to their own sad victim complexes.

“The novel’s use of a racial slur and its depiction of racist attitudes can cause students to feel upset, marginalized or humiliated and can create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the classroom,” the resolution claims.

“The inclusion of [the novel] in the school curriculum in effect requires adolescents to read and discuss a book containing hurtful, oppressive, and highly offensive language directed at African-Americans,” the resolution continues.

These assembly members hope New Jersey joins Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota and Mississippi as other states to ban the book. The authors of the resolution, which is non-binding and would only encourage New Jersey schools to ban Mark Twain’s literary masterpiece, defend their censorship push as necessary for social justice.

“There are other books out there that can teach about character, plot and motive — other ways besides using this particular book for that lesson,” Reynolds-Jackson said during an interview with Politico.

This race-baiting leftist, of course, made it abundantly clear that this is all about herself and her own self-serving political agenda not what is best for the children.

“I think this is a racist book,” Reynolds-Jackson said. “I think in the climate that we’re in right now, where you have a president that is caging up our children and separating us in this way, I think to use this book in this climate is not doing the African-American community any justice at all.”

Even hardcore leftists like Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, who writes white guilt novels to indoctrinate young adults, feels that banning Huck Finn is wrong because of the classic book’s “ability to transform its contradictions into fruitful complexities and to seem to be deliberately cooperating in the controversy it has excited.”

“The brilliance of Huckleberry Finn is that it is the argument it raises,” Morrison wrote.

New Jersey children will no longer be provoked intellectually if socialists likely Reynolds-Jackson and Holley have their way. Political correctness will ultimately snuff out all that is authentic in Western culture if it is not put to an end quickly.

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