Racial Graffiti, Manifesto At Syracuse University Revealed as Hate Hoax

A series of racial incidents that stoked pandemonium on the campus of Syracuse University in New York have all but been revealed to have been the results of a hate hoax perpetrated by a social justice activist.

The panic began earlier this week when vague rumors surrounding a supposed white supremacist manifesto being sent to students in the university library surfaced. After the university failed to locate any specific students who received the supposed hate manifesto, the university chancellor admitted that the incident was likely a hoax.

The incidents continued when graffiti targeting African Americans and Jews surfaced nearby the library. The university was said to descend into a state of pandemonium in response to the events.

The chancellor’s suspicions appear to have been realized, as the freshman Syracuse student recently arrested and charged with fourth degree criminal mischief for applying the graffiti is reportedly a known social justice activist. 

Kym McGowan, 18, has been charged with several misdemeanor charges.

The likely hoax appears to be one of the latest incidents where individuals attempted to make it seem as if hardcore racists posed an imminent threat to the general public. Hate hoaxes have become increasingly prominent in American society in recent years, with the most visible being Jussie Smollett’s hoax in which he paid two Nigerian brothers to play the role of racist Trump supporters and stage a fake “attack” on him.

The likely Syracuse hoax is far from the first to occur on college campuses, where progressives have faked racial or white supremacist activity before in successful attempts to rile other liberals into a panic.

Big League Politics will continue to monitor the situation as local law enforcement probes the suspicious activity at Syracuse.

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