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Racist Campus Mob Unleashes Profane Rant: ‘We Want Some Money to F**king Cook Some Fried F**king Chicken!’

A hate-filled activist at Williams College in Massachusetts claimed the Black Student Union wanted to “be n****** for once.”



Media-fueled racial hatred against whites continues to sweep across America like a plague. A recent mob incident at Williams College in Massachusetts where members of the Black Student Union went on a childish, incoherent display against white people is the latest incident of this troubling phenomenon.

“See when black people try to create space on this campus … it’s always a f**king problem,” a Black Student Union leader said to College Council on April 9. The incident was caught on Facebook livestream.

The belligerent student was enraged that a “Black Previews” recruitment barbecue had not been immediately approved by the student government. He apparently felt entitled to the university’s funds.

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“I’m looking at the budget that we’re seeing and we’re approving here, and I see all the ways in which white men constantly get spaces and affinity and money and resources afforded to them. And every time we try to create a space in order to … create some form of community we get stopped at every single level,” the student added.

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The rant would get even more profane, bizarre and racist from there as white student council attendees felt nervous for their safety.

“It’s time for you’all to figure this sh*t out and check yourself because I’m really losing it,” the student said. “We are f***ing tired of having to come and beg and suck d***. And of course when we come and do it we face problems all the f***ing time.”

“We keep our heads down, it don’t work,” he added. “We try to create space for us, it don’t work. We want some money to f***ing cook some fried f***king chicken and be n*****s for once, it don’t work. I just don’t get it.”

He finished his rant with an ominous threat to every white individual who wishes to exercise their rights under the 1st Amendment: “You want to have free speech, you want to have a debate, you want to stop and be racist. Say some shit now! Open up your mouth now! Say something!”

The racist student organization, who ultimately did hold their barbecue event, refused to accept responsibility for their hostile and ignorant behavior while speaking to the Williams Record.

“Creating Black community is beautiful, but always threatening to institutions of power,” a student organizer said. “But it always gets created because it’s necessary. Black community helps us survive predatory violence.”

Political scientist John Drew, a former professor at Williams, wrote a blog about the entire incident. He does not accept any excuses from activists pushing a divisive social justice agenda.

“What we are seeing is controlling behavior. Apparently, at least two people in the room think that [the white student] should at least feign interest in the anti-white bigotry being directed at him,” Drew wrote. “If you have ever been around a domestic abuser, you will quickly recognize this controlling behavior for the abuse it is. No one should be forced or shamed into listening to verbal abuse. No one.”

This abusive behavior is being facilitated and encouraged by the corporate fake news media. As CBS circulated a video encouraging violence against whites, deranged African-American terrorists targeted white children during murderous rampages:

The blood is on the hands of the mainstream press for manufacturing a frenzy against white people. They are getting the racial strife they have long agitated for, and white children whether they are at a mall, playing outside, or attending school are no longer safe from assaults by hate-filled thugs.

Violent Left

Left-Wing Terrorists Leave Ominous Notes on Homes Promising Destruction if President Trump Wins Re-Election

The Democrats have launched an ISIS-style terror operation against America.



A left-wing flier campaign in Kansas City, Mo. is threatening terrorist acts against random homes if President Donald Trump is re-elected in November.

“You have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter,” the letter reads. “Your address has been added to our database as a target for when we attack should Trump not concede the election.”

“We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make that it is current and that it has adequate coverage for fire damage,” the letter continues.

The letter concludes: “You have been given ‘fair warning.'”

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American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp posted the full letter on his Twitter account:

Soulless Democrat cultists, who are more dangerous to America than ISIS could ever hope to be, posted how President Trump is responsible for the violence caused directly by their political movement:

While some many dispute the authenticity of the letter, it is consistent with the behavior of the Democrat Party under the Biden/Harris ticket. They are unabashed supporters of domestic terrorism against their political opponents.

Sen. Kamala Harris even endorsed the rape of America by left-wing terrorists and helped rioters raise bail funds so they could get back on the streets to commit more violence.

Making matters worse, the FBI is refusing to do anything to protect patriotic Americans from this orgy of left-wing revolutionary terrorism. In fact, they are letting all of the left-wing terror slide and painting the victims of that terror as the real threats.

Big League Politics has reported on how the FBI distributes propaganda on behalf of ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and other Marxist terror groups at war with the Bill of Rights and Constitution:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is claiming that there is “no intelligence” indicating that ANTIFA had a role in fomenting riots that have gripped the country.

This directly contradicts President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr, who immediately assigned the blame toward ANTIFA for the violence that is happening nationwide.

“The violence instigated and carried out by ANTIFA and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly,” Barr said.

Meanwhile, Trump took to Twitter to announce that “the United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

The FBI’s Washington D.C. field office reportedly claims that they have “no intelligence indicating ANTIFA involvement/presence” in the riots. They also claim that “CHS [Confidential Human Source] canvassing, open source/social media partner engagement, and liaison” absolve ANTIFA from any blame.

However, the FBI is assigning blame to right-wingers for mean words allegedly made in social media groups. They claim individuals on social media “called for far-right provocateurs to attack federal agents” and “use automatic weapons against protesters.” The DHS also claims that far-right social media posts “incited followers to engage in violence and start the ‘boogaloo’ — a term used by some violent extremists to refer to the start of a second Civil War — by shooting in a crowd.”

Big Tech is working with the deep state to cover for ANTIFA terrorists and spread the conspiracy theory that white nationalists are somehow responsible for the violence.

The U.S. federal government may be the most corrupt in history. It does not appear that the swamp can be drained at the ballot box. ANTIFA/BLM terrorists will reign supreme unless patriots rise up and defend justice quickly.

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