Racist Ralph Does Favor For Bezos, Considers Becoming An Independent

Remember Ralph Northam Endorsed Baby Murder

Virginia governor Ralph Northam is straining to keep whatever political collateral he has left as concerned Americans everywhere call for him to resign from office. (READ: BLP Publishes Ralph Northam’s Racist Yearbook Photo). (READ: Pro-Infanticide Ralph Took $2 Million From Planned Parenthood, Which Has Also Dumped Him).

Northam signed a bill on Tuesday that allows Amazon to open a new East Coast headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

Northam is thinking about leaving the Democrat Party now that all major Democrat leaders and his own state party have abandoned him and demanded that he resign and finally end this long national nightmare for his own sake and for the sake of the people of Virginia. Northam has not addressed the people directly since threatening to moonwalk in a press conference in which he admitted to darkening his face in emulation of Michael Jackson. Northam’s survival attempt is bolstered by the sexual assault allegation against next-in-line Justin Fairfax, the Democrat lieutenant governor.

Protesters are not backing down, making the state capitol in Richmond reminiscent of Washington, D.C. during Richard Nixon’s final days in office.


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