Radical Communist Group Spills ‘Blood’ on Texas Campus

First reported by Far Left Watch, a fringe group of communists on the campus of the University of Texas – Austin called for violence in the name of International Women’s Day.

“On International Women’s Day, we must stress the necessity of organizing women for revolutionary violence against the capitalist institutions that uphold patriarchy & protect abusers,” the Revolutionary Student Front – Austin’s Twitter page said.


They dyed the water of a fountain red to resemble blood, and vandalized part of the structure with graffiti.

“This is the blood of survivors that UT ignores,” the graffiti says.

According to the group’s Facebook page, which we will not link to, the Student Front is a “revolutionary group of anti-capitalist students.” They claim to be “serving the students of UT Austin.”

Calling for the deaths of capitalists – including fellow students – and describing that as a service to the school community, is the type of unhinged insanity that is unique to the American college campus.

UT Austin, by the way, is publicly-funded. The fine residents of the state of Texas are paying for this behavior. Surely, they will pay for the repairs to the fountain that was damaged by these nut jobs.

The “revolutionary” communists are so brave that they won’t even show their faces in public. Here is the headline picture from their blog page:

Blog post titles include, “Boycott the Bullshit! Don’t Vote – Revolt,” and “Fight ICE with Fire,” in reference to defying Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials who seek to deport illegals.

Curiously, the communist group has a store, where they sell privately-made clothing items, presumably for profit. There, you can purchase your very own “Nazi Hunter” t-shirt:

The shirt is priced at $15 – quite the markup from the production cost – and was probably made by Bangladeshi child laborers.

Upper-middle class liberal college students who call themselves communists do not care about the exploitation of workers. If they did, their attention would be focused not on the United States, which has thousands of workforce and labor protection laws. Rather, they would focus on third world countries like the ones who produce the t-shirts that they sell at a profit, a markedly capitalist enterprise.

The Revolutionary Student Front is not revolutionary at all. Rather, they are group of dweebs who virtue signal to their peers in a desperate attempt to appear edgy and garner attention.


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