Radical Leftist Candidate For Georgia Governor to Hold San Francisco Fundraiser

A radical leftist candidate for governor in the state of Georgia is outsourcing her fundraising efforts, pandering to sympathetic leftists in Silicon Valley.

On Oct. 4, San Francisco Mayor London Breed with co-chair a breakfast fundraiser for Stacey Abrams, the Democrat nominee for governor of Georgia. The fundraiser will be co-hosted by a group called Electing Women Bay Area.

Roberta Achtenberg, former Commissioner of the U.S. Commission for Civil Rights, and her partner Susan Shain, CEO of the Coro Center for Leadership are among the co-chairs of the event.

There 2,474 miles between the Bay Area and Atlanta, the capitol of Georgia. It appears as if Abrams is planning on doing the bidding of far leftists in ultra-liberal northern California at the expense of her would-be constituents in Georgia.

Big League Politics reached out to Abrams’ campaign to confirm whether that is the case. They did not respond in time for publication.

Abrams’ agenda is certainly more befitting of a west coast leftist than a Georgian. She has been endorsed by radical anti-Semite and Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour, whose terror ties have raised eyebrows nationwide. She is also a known gun-grabber.

According to Georgia Gun Owners:

In 2016, Stacey Abrams was second sponsor of a bill, HB 731, that would ban hundreds of types of firearms, magazines over 10 rounds, and tens of millions of rounds of ammunition, owned by millions of Georgians. What’s worse, in lines 210-219 of her bill, she ordered the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to “seize” and “destroy” everything listed in her bill. What this means is, Stacey Abrams wants to use government agents to forcibly take firearms, magazines, and ammunition from millions of Georgians.

Georgians need to ask themselves if they prefer that their state be more like California, or if it continues to resemble the Georgia in which they currently reside.