Radical Leftist YouTuber Calls for Violence Against Conservatives

A leftist YouTuber who routinely discusses murdering others – including conservatives – has been allowed to maintain his account despite the fact that right wing figures are routinely dinged for far less.

“Steven Bonnell, aka Destiny, is a popular content creator with 203K subscribers on YouTube and 422K subscribers on his Twitch account,” said Far Left Watch. “His content is primarily gaming related but he also participates in political debates and is very outspoken about his proclivity towards political violence.”

In a video compilation of Bonnell’s violent rhetoric, he openly discussed his plan to commit violence against conservatives.

“I’ve moved full on to the real violence level when it comes to conservative people, yeah, I think they need to be excised from my fucking country, I think they are demonstrably fucking evil people.”

He also expressed regret for threatening to murder someone, but not actually finding out where the person lives and committing the act. He also made bomb threats on Twitter directed at Cox Communications, for which he was banned. Still, he remains on YouTube.

Bonnell is using his large platform to continue to radicalize the already-violent political left against conservatives. Violent behavior towards the political right has become commonplace, while legacy media turns a blind eye.

Recently, the Occupy Democrats Facebook page, which has nearly 8 million followers, posted a fantasy meme about President Donald J. Trump’s death.

Big League Politics reported:

A large, radically leftist Facebook page posted a meme fantasizing about President Donald J. Trump in late April.

In the meme, Trump is looking at Press Secretary Sarah H. Sanders as though they are having a conversation. The text reads as follows:

“Sir, I had a dream that you finally got the parade you’ve wanted. There were millions of people lining the streets waving and cheering as you passed by in a large, black limo.”

“Was I smiling, Sarah?”

“I don’t know, sir, the lid on the casket was closed.”

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