RAINBOWLAND: New Campaign Ad for Laura Loomer Exposes Big Tech’s Dystopian Plans

A new campaign ad from the American Liberty Fund promoting Laura Loomer’s congressional hopes gives a chilling glimpse into the dystopia that Big Tech is planning for society.

“Facebook, Twitter and the Tech Giants want us all to live in a place called Rainbowland. Rainbowland, where we all robotically smile for the camera, post our selfies and pretend the world is happy and bright. But in Rainbowland, there is no dissent, no debate on America’s challenges,” the ad states.

The ad makes the case that Big Tech wants a sterile, corporate-dominated world where wrongthink is no longer permitted. Political correctness is enforced by a Soros-approved truth commission of extreme leftists, and the Bill of Rights is rendered null and void.

“Because after all, the advertisers who fund Rainbowland with billions of dollars only want their products shown next to smiling babies, vacation selfies, and those cute little puppies,” the ad continues. “In Rainbowland, EVERY action you take is tracked, scored, and used against you. And if when your score drops low enough . . . you, yes YOU, will be censored or even thrown out of Rainbowland. Do YOU want to live in a world that wants to control your thoughts? Your actions?”

The ad is promoting Loomer, the most banned journalist in history, as the candidate who will fight through Big Tech’s Orwellian matrix and defend core American rights that are under attack like never before.

“This is America! And we can fight back! Laura Loomer is running for Congress and She’ll fight to stop big tech control! She’s been banned from Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Uber and more, [serious, angry] they even shut down her bank account. . . all because she stood up to Silicon Valley billionaires. On November 3rd, send a fighter to Washington that Big Tech fears, vote for Laura Loomer for Congress,” the ad concludes.

The full ad can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported extensively on Loomer’s Congressional run in Florida’s 21st U.S. House district where she is attempting to unseat Democrat incumbent Lois Frankel:

Florida Congressional contender Laura Loomer can no longer be ignored now that she defeated her primary challengers to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Rep in Florida’s 21st District, so the political establishment is intent upon attacking her and destroying her momentum.

Loomer, who is the most banished woman in the history due to her work as a journalist, is using the smears in a new campaign ad titled: “Why They Attack.”

The ad features commentary from a bipartisan group of establishment hacks. Disingenuous smears are compiled from the National Review, CNN, Washington Post, Daily Beast, Vox, Business Insider, Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and other sources to build the case that Loomer is the outsider who will go to Washington D.C. to fight entrenched corruption.

“And they won’t stop attacking her because they know that this young Jewish woman will expose all of them while serving all Floridians. On November 3rd, send a fighter to Congress. Vote for Laura Loomer,” the ad concludes…

While the political establishment wants to dismiss Loomer as a gadfly or an extremist, her fundraising numbers show that she is a big league contender and maybe even the front-runner heading toward November’s general election…

“In what used to be a Democrat stronghold, constituents in Florida 21 are quickly realizing the dangers of people like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and their enablers like Rep. Lois Frankel and Joe Biden,” said Karen Giorno, who works as chief strategist of Loomer’s campaign.

“Loomer is rewriting conventional wisdom, using many of the Left’s own tactics against them. This has Democrats at the highest levels panicking, but Loomer is prepared for anything they throw at her,” Giorno added.

If Loomer can overcome the vast establishment conspiracy to prevent her campaign from achieving victory, she will be arguably the most independently-minded Congressperson in the chamber.

A Loomer victory in November would be devastating to Big Tech and their dystopian schemes.

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