Ralph “Blackface” Northam Wants More Mass Migration

After a strong performance in the 2019 elections for Virginia’s General Assembly, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has volunteered to take in more refugees.

Northam is following in the footsteps of former Massachusetts governor (and now Democratic presidential candidate) Deval Patrick.

The Virginia Governor responded to President Trump’s Executive Order 13888. Pawel Styrna of Immigration Reform pointed out that “the presidential order was dated September 26, but Northam waited two months (until November 25) to respond and roll out the welcome mat for more refugees.”

Under EO 13888, the federal government will no longer resettle refugees in areas where either the state or local governments have disapproved new refugee resettlement under the State Department’s Reception and Placement Program (RPP).

This marks a considerable break from Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, and his policy of overriding the objections of state governors and local communities to the inflow of new refugees.

In Northam’s letter, he stated his objective was to “reaffirm Virginia’s position that we welcome refugee resettlement in the Commonwealth.”

Northam then lectured Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the flaws of America’s refugee policy, despite the fact that Northam nor any state governor determines how many refugees the U.S will admit and what countries they should come from.

Additionally, Northam complained about Trump’s decisions to reduce the number of refugees resettled in states like Virginia. Northam stressed that “we have the capacity to accept and help more refugees than we currently have.”

Styrna asks an important question:

Moreover, why are the preferences of refugees – who are receiving both the benefits of a new life in a safe, secure democracy and thousands of dollars of taxpayer assistance – more important than the needs of Americans?

He notes that Northern Virginian is already facing considerable problems:

After all, suburban Northern Virginia is already facing many of the problems associated with urban/suburban sprawl, including: a high cost of living, high rents, heavy traffic, and overcrowded public schools.

The points Styrna makes are valid.

However, Northam’s enthusiasm with mass migration may have electoral implications.

Certain outlets like the Washington Post boast about a “younger, more racially diverse electorate combined with a backlash against President Trump” to create a massive political shift in counties like Prince William and Loudoun.

On top of that, white voters now account for less than 70 percent of Virginia’s electorate, thus indicating a growing demographic shift. BLP reported that over 90 percent of congressional districts with foreign populations above the national average ended up going Democrat in the 2018 elections.

Should these trends continue, Democrats will likely dominate Virginia. On top of that, laxer immigration standards could overwhelm basic public functions of the state and create massive social upheaval.

Now more than ever, immigration reform — moratoriums, ending chain migration, ending birthright citizenship, etc. — must be carried out to preserve the viability of the U.S. as a functioning nation state.

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