Ralph Northam Appointed A Domestic Abuser, Despite Being Warned

Democrat Virginia governor Ralph Northam appointed a convicted domestic abuser to an important medical board in the state of Virginia.

FOIA records show that Northam’s office was warned about Richard Orndorff’s past.

Richard Orndorff, currently the mayor of Strasburg, Virginia, pleaded guilty to “assault and battery on a family member” on two different occasions over a several-month span in 2004, in addition to being convicted of drunk driving in 2015.

That didn’t stop Northam from appointing Orndorff to the Virginia Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board just a few months ago in September 2018.

Northam erased his lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax from campaign materials toward the end of the 2017 election. Fairfax stands accused of sexual assault, an allegation that the Washington Post and Democrat congressman Bobby Scott both knew about before Big League Politics revealed it.

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