Rand Paul Attacker To Face More Prison Time After Lenient 30 Day Sentence Overturned

A Kentucky man who seriously injured Senator Rand Paul in a devastating 2017 assault is set to receive a serious prison sentence after a judge overturned a lenient 30-day prison term he had received for the attack on Monday.

Rene Boucher brutally tackled Senator Paul at his Bowling Green, Kentucky home in November 2017. The libertarian Republican Senator suffered fractured ribs and later had to have a piece of his lung removed as a result of lingering complications from the assault.

Paul’s attorneys had appealed a ruling in which Boucher got away with 30 days in prison for his violent assault, a mere slap on the wrist. Their successful appeal makes it far more likely Boucher will have to serve a real prison term.

Judge Jane Branch of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals explained her reasoning in ordering Boucher to be resentenced. “Federal defendants with a criminal history category of I [the lowest possible level] who were convicted of assault received an average sentence of 26 months’ imprisonment and a median sentence of 21 months. We therefore VACATE Boucher’s sentence and REMAND for resentencing.”

Boucher, who was Paul’s neighbor at the time, claims the brutal assault was motivated over a dispute over a pile of leaves. But it’s known the Kentucky doctor was a staunch leftist with an intense dislike for Senator Paul’s conservative politics.

A two year prison sentence probably won’t be an equivalent to the suffering that Boucher’s brutal and arguably politically motivated ambush caused Senator Paul. Paul was seriously injured for about a year, and continues to suffer lingering complications.

But perhaps a real prison sentence will send a message to politically-motivated fiends who take their policy disagreements to a level where they’re inclined to brutally injure their own neighbors.

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