Rand Paul Becomes the First Senator to Endorse Candidate Running on an Immigration Moratorium Platform

On June 9, 2020, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul endorsed Jarome Bell in his race for Congress in Virginia’s second congressional district.

Bell is a 27-year conservative Navy veteran and a proponent of an immigration mortarium.

In a press released published by the Bell campaign, Paul had glowing remarks about Bell:

Republicans and conservatives who want more liberty and less government should get behind Jarome Bell in Virginia’s second district. Our country desperately needs courageous leaders like Jarome Bell to stand up to the establishment in Washington.

Dissident Right commentator Pete D’Abrosca pointed out that Bell is the first U.S. Senator to endorse a candidate running on a pro-immigration moratorium platform.

D’Abrosca tweeted, “NEWS: Sen. Rand Paul has endorsed @JaromeBellVA (currently suspended from Twitter) in VA-02. Sen. Paul is the first sitting U.S. Senator to endorse a candidate running on an immigration moratorium platform.”

Bell was recently suspended on Twitter two weeks before his primary elections.

Regarding Bell’s suspension, D’Abrosca  speculated that it was “for being conservative on Twitter.”

As a liberty conservative, Paul understands that he will allies in Congress. Bell fits this description perfectly.

Immigration is the #1 issue heading into 2020. Many of the cherished civil liberties that are part and parcel of the Historic American Nation — free speech and the right to bear arms— are potentially under threat due to mass migration.

The voting patterns of immigrants and their descendants could accelerate the absolute destruction of the aforementioned rights. The good news is that elected officials like Paul understand the importance of electing immigration patriot candidates.

Hopefully, other elected officials follow suit and support Bell.


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