Rand Paul Blasts Senate Warmongers in Blistering Speech

The Senate recently passed a symbolic resolution Monday rebuking President Trump’s withdrawal of military forces from Syria, and Rand Paul rose on the Senate floor in opposition to make the case for an America First foreign policy.

The resolution, intended to embarrass the President and place foreign policy strategy in the Senate away from its place in the executive branch, was said to have been orchestrated by Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. It passed the Senate overwhelmingly, 70-26.

It seems to have been inspired by the departure of former Defense Secretary James Mattis, who opposed the Trump administration’s stated policy of withdrawal from Syria and potentially Afghanistan from within. Mattis finally resigned when Trump ordered the U.S military to begin withdrawal from the troubled Middle Eastern nation.

The Kentucky Senator, perhaps one of the sole legislators in the chamber who opposes a policy of eternal war and nation building, eviscerated Senate globalists who seek to keep American forces in Syria indefinitely.

Paul broke down the pointlessness and waste of an American foreign policy that sought to use the military in order to install democratic political institutions in distant Middle Eastern countries with no tradition of western-style democratic systems.

I’m for replacing¬†[the resolution] completely and saying to President Trump, we think you’re doing a great job, and thank goodness for being bold enough to say it’s time to start thinking about America First.”

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