Rand Paul Calls For President Trump to Strip John Bolton’s Security Clearance

Senator Rand Paul is calling for President Trump to strip the security clearance of jilted former National Security Advisor John Bolton, after the ultra-hawk revealed classified national security information in an upcoming tell-all book.

Bolton was fired by Trump as National Security Advisor in September for endlessly agitating for neocon wars.

Bolton has flirted with the prospect of testifying in the Senate’s sham impeachment trial, going turncoat on President Trump after previously endorsing his negotiations with the President of Ukraine. The career uber-hawk has been rumored to expose a plethora of classified information in his upcoming book, ‘The Room Where It Happened.

A potential Senate testimony could prove lucrative for his book sales, as anti-Trump liberals ignore any notion of policy-based politics and coronate the former Bush administration official as a saint for his sudden opposition to Trump.

In response to Bolton’s change of heart, Rand Paul called for his security clearance to be stripped in a Saturday tweet.

Sources indicate that the removal of Bolton’s clearance ranges from possible to likely. President Trump slammed his former National Security Advisor’s release of classified information in a tweet last week.


Rand Paul previously led the charge in calling for deep state liberal John Brennan to lose his security clearance. Brennan, a former CIA director in the Obama administration, almost immediately reinvented himself as a vociferous anti-Trump pundit upon leaving office.

Classified information exists to protect the safety and well-being of U.S service members and the general public. It’s not a gimmick for career bureaucrats such as Bolton and Brennan to monetize.

Deep staters who callously use their government positions to mine information for profit should lose their security clearances.



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