Rand Paul Confronts Fauci On Past Comments: ‘The Best Vaccination Is Getting Infected Yourself!’

Was Tony a previous believer in natural immunity? The Paul-Fauci showdown made a grand return in Congress Wednesday after Kentucky Senator Rand Paul confronted the NIAID director over his past comments in which he lauded the superiority of viral natural immunity over that of a vaccine.

These remarks by Fauci came in a past viewing of C-SPAN’s “The Washington Journal” in which a caller asked the longtime government bereacrat if she should take a flu shot after previously showing symptoms from the virus for a period of two weeks, according to The Blaze.

“If she got the flu for 14 days, she’s as protected as anybody can be, because the best vaccination is getting infected yourself,” Fauci answered at the time. “If she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine.”

The C-Span host clarified with Fauci as to whether or not the woman needed the flu shot, to which he confidently replied, “She doesn’t need it because the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself.”

Senator Paul played the clip Wednesday for all of Congress to see.

“When we look at this we wonder why you seem to really embrace basic immunology back in 2004 and how you, or why you, seem to reject it now,” said the Kentucky Senator.

Fauci countered that he has never denied “basic immunology” and that the film was “taken out of context.” He then highlighted that a Reuters “fact-check” agreed with him on the matter, insisting that his past words are in no way contradictory to his publicly expressed beliefs now.

“Actually, words don’t lie,” Paul soon interjected before pointing out that Fauci has repeatedly advocated for Covid-19 booster shots to be administered to young children regardless of any pre-existing natural immunity.

“Are you including the variability or variable of previous infections in the studies?” Paul asked hypothetically. “No, you’re not.”

“What you’re doing is denying the very fundamental premise of immunology that previous infection does provide some sort of immunity,” continued Paul. “It’s not in any of your studies. Almost none of your studies from the CDC or from the
government have the variable of whether or not you’ve been previously infected.”

Paul additionally argued that Fauci’s advice to the public often results in less demand for vaccines, saying, “it’s coming from gobbledygook that you give us. You’re not paying attention to the science!”

The infectious diseases “expert” was previously reported on at BLP earlier this month after he made a public appearance to warn the American people that a “pretty bad flu season” may be coming to the nation soon, and also drew recent attention after it was uncovered that he will soon enjoy the largest federal retirement package in United States history with an annual payout of $350,000 a year.

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