Rand Paul: Justin Amash Supports ‘An Abuse of Intelligence Power’ by Pushing Trump’s Impeachment

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is not happy with his friend Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) for supporting the impeachment of President Donald Trump based on the contents of the Mueller report.

“I actually think the libertarian position on the investigation is ― you know, libertarians, we’ve been very, very critical of the intelligence community having too much power, including congressman Amash has said, you know, really you should have to get a warrant before you get an American’s records,” Paul said to the Huffington Post on Wednesday.

The Kentucky Senator finds it strange that Amash isn’t very concerned with the civil liberties violations committed against President Trump and the precedent it may set in the years to come, giving the deep state the ability to undermine electoral results if the entrenched bureaucracy does not like the result.

Paul never bought into the Mueller report because of his roots in the libertarian movement. He called conclusion of a years-long special investigation the “antithesis of libertarianism” constituting “an abuse of intelligence power consistent with what libertarians have been complaining about for a long time.”

Paul did give his friend Amash some credit, saying he supported the Congressman’s proposed House amendment “which says you have to have a warrant before you target Americans because foreign intelligence warrants have a lower standard.”

Another libertarian Republican who is close to both Paul and Amash, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has also criticized the Mueller probe as a gross overreach of government power, contradicting the blind trust Amash puts into the deep state’s findings.

Paul has accused lawmakers who are overly obsessed about Trump’s involvement with Russia as being guilty of “Trump derangement syndrome.” Amash may have contracted a serious case, as he continues to stake out his claim as the pro-impeachment Republican despite Trump being cleared of any Russian collusion.

The House Freedom Caucus, of which Amash was a founding member, voted to condemn him yesterday. Liberty supporters in the GOP are likely to continue distancing themselves from Amash as he hastens his efforts to use the Mueller report to harm Trump’s presidency.

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