Rand Paul Will Propose ‘Amendments to Correct the Constitutional Deficiencies’ in Senate Gun Control Compromise

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is doing his best to fight back against a bipartisan proposal that will push gun control nationwide.

Paul said that he intends to introduce “amendments to correct the constitutional deficiencies” in the Senate’s bipartisan proposal that will provide incentives for states to adopt red flag laws.

“I cannot support any legislation that funds or encourages laws that allow ex parte gun confiscation without legal representation, or even sometimes without prior notification to the defendant of any accusation at all,” Paul wrote in a series of tweets on Wednesday.

“I cannot support legislation that funds or encourages laws that allow gun confiscation with a standard lower than the constitutional criminal standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt,”’ he continued.

‘I cannot support legislation that funds or encourages gun confiscation predicated on anonymous accusations,” Paul added. “I also think it unwise to prohibit the appropriated funds from being used for firearms or firearms training for any school personnel.”

Paul has not ruled out voting in favor of the compromise but has some major demands that must be met before he can sign on.

“I don’t think you can take guns away without letting someone have a lawyer and without letting someone actually be accused of a crime in court in public. You have to be notified of what you’re being accused of. You can’t just have your gun rights taken away without even having a lawyer present,” he said.

Big League Politics has reported on how Senate Republicans are selling out their constituents in order to give the Democrats a huge win on gun control:

“Has there ever been a greater more brazen sellout of any group of voters than what Republicans Senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn & the rest are doing right now?” Tucker Carlson asked on the latest episode of his hit show.

Americans across the country are likely wondering similar things after numerous Senate Republicans reached a compromise with the Democrats that will pass some of the most sweeping federal gun control measures in recent history. Many Second Amendment advocates have expressed opposition to the measure, often pointing to provisions of the agreement-now-turned-bill which will create a system to federally fund red-flag laws in all 50 states. Critics of such rules point out that they strip Americans of any and all due process, allowing a judge or police officer to seize a citizen’s guns at a moment’s notice. Big League Politics covered the agreements reached for the arguably unconstitutional bill upon their release earlier this month…

One prominent critic of the controversial agreement was conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson, who said on his show Tuesday that “at this moment the Senate is voting to advance a so-called gun control bill that is in fact a law that would allow police to confiscate firearms unconstitutionally, legally from American citizens who have not been charged… much less convinced of a crime.” He further noted there are many Republican Senators who plan on voting yes on the bill…

Carlson then called Senator John Cornyn, who he described as the leading Republican negotiator, “far-left” and said he is celebrating on the Senate floor because “only Ukrainians are allowed to have guns.”

The Fox News commentator accused the Republican senator of caving to the left on immigration as well. According to Carlson, Cornyn shook hands with Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor after reaching the gun deal before later telling Democrat Senator Alex Padilla “first guns, now immigration,” with a large smile on his face.

“Talk about a subversion of democracy,” Tucker noted, before banally concluding, “If they keep this up, the system will collapse. You have to represent the interest of your voters.”

Paul is one of the few in Washington D.C. with the courage to consistently stand for the constitutional rights of the American people.


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