Rand Paul Won’t Support Neocon Liz Cheney in Wyoming

Last Sunday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said that he won’t support GOP congresswoman Liz Cheney and her endorsement of “endless wars” if she ends up running for Wyoming’s Senate seat.

Paul said on CNN that he’s backing Republican Cynthia Lummis, a former member of the House. Cheney, on the other hand, has stood strong in her belief that Paul’s push for non-interventionism “blames America first” and ends up helping terrorists during an interview on NBC.

This is part of an ongoing ideological scuffle between different factions within the GOP on the issue of foreign policy. Paul has played up Trump’s America First appeal which called for a more restrained foreign policy abroad.

The Kentucky Senator has tried to get Trump to live up to his “America First”  platform and reduce U.S. military actions in countries like Afghanistan and Syria. However, other Senators like Lindsey Graham have advised Trump to take a more neoconservative approach to foreign policy, which involves the potential use of intervention.

Trump’s firing of neocon-friendly national security adviser John Bolton, which Paul praised, has had hawkish elected officials worried about future action with Iran.

Cheney is following in the footsteps of her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and wants to continue the same interventionist policies that the military-industrial complex loves.

This will likely be one of the first of many ideological scuffles within the GOP in the years to come.


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