Rashida Tlaib Claims Federal Cops ‘Will Have to Arrest Her’ if Trump Sends Them to Detroit

Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib appeared to suggest federal law enforcement would have to arrest her before arresting criminals in her Detroit district.

The progressive Democrat claimed that “they’ll have to arrest me first” when speaking in opposition to President Trump’s plan to reinforce Detroit with federal police.

Crime has surged in Detroit and across the country in conjunction with nationwide race riots and the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, with three men being killed in a mass shooting Sunday in the city.

Progressive Democrats have become increasingly hostile to law enforcement responses to the nationwide crime surge, most notably castigating the federal government for protecting government property in Portland in response to violent and destructive ANTIFA riots that have occurred in the Oregon city for fifty straight nights.

Curiously, Tlaib is yet to condemn the rise of crime in her metropolitan Detroit district.

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