Rashida Tlaib’s Congressional Opponent Amasses $1 Million War Chest as He Attempts Upset Victory Over ‘Squad’ Member

On Sunday, Rashida Tlaib’s GOP opponent David Dudenhoefer announced that his campaign has raised an impressive $1 million as he prepares for a potential upset victory over the radical leftist Congresswoman.

Dudenhoefer, a libertarian Republican in the same vein as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), noted in a press release that “Tlaib has been an outspoken supporter of gun control, including gun confiscation measures known as “Red Flag Laws” and greatly expanding Federal databases of gun owners.”

Tlaib responded to news of Dudenhoefer’s war chest with her typical arrogance and extreme contempt for patriotic Americans.

“He’s only been able to raise money because he’s my opponent. You know how I like to think about it – it’s racist money burning,” Tlaib told the pro-censorship bankrupt leftist rag Metro Times.

Dudenhoefer issued a response to Tlaib’s statement to Big League Politics.

“I find it disturbing to watch a sitting U.S. Congresswoman attacking thousands of Americans who do not share her socialist agenda,” Dudenhoefer said. “Disagreement doesn’t equate to racism. In fact, they share my vision of individual liberty, personal freedom, and a respect for our Constitution.”

“Rashida set a poor standard for her community and she owes our supporters an apology,” he added.

Dudenhoefer’s message has resonated with a swell of grassroots support in a traditionally liberal district. His issue-based campaign has resulted in a surprising endorsement from the Detroit News, showing that even the liberal media is starting to understand that Tlaib’s toxic brand of politics are bad for the country.

“Republican David Dudenhoefer of Detroit is challenging Tlaib, and we admire his enthusiasm for liberty and promoting conservative ideals to address the concerns of his district, such as better pathways to education and job training, affordable health care and police reform. He’s also dedicated to fighting human trafficking,” the Detroit News editorial board wrote in their endorsement of Dudenhoefer.

In addition, Dudenhoefer has received support from the Police Officers Association of Michigan and Citizens for Traditional Values. He has been able to coalesce an impressive coalition in an age of bitter partisanship.

Big League Politics has reported extensively on Tlaib’s contribution to the toxicity of U.S. politics, never missing an opportunity to divide Americans to push her own extremist ends:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is shamelessly exploiting the recent phony FBI sting in which a confidential informant was paid nearly $10,000 to ensnare some “Boogaloo Boys” into a bogus terror plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Tlaib blamed President Donald Trump, whose FBI set up the sting, for causing the faux-terror attack because he posted “liberate Michigan” in response to Whitmer’s unprecedented illegal lockdown that has crippled Michigan’s economy and made a mockery of the Bill of Rights…

She also made a baseless ridiculous claim that “violence towards women in politics is on the rise in our country.” …

Tlaib attempted to play guilt by association because one of the militia members involved in the frame job allegedly appeared on stage next to a Republican politician in the state…

Tlaib’s Republican congressional opponent, David Dudenhoefer, is appalled at Tlaib’s pathetic opportunism and deception. He points out accurately that Tlaib’s behavior has far more to do with fomenting Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA terror than any Republican’s behavior has to do with the behavior of these fringe anarchists.

“If this is the new standard, then are the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA rioters who harass, beat and kill people and burn our cities to further their agenda your fault, Miss Tlaib?” Dudenhoefer asked the anti-American legislator.

“Are the death threats aimed at the president the fault of Democrat leaders?” Dudenhoefer added.

Dudenhoefer hopes to become the next U.S. Representative in the 13th Congressional District of Michigan after the vote on Tuesday.

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