Ratcliffe: I Expect ‘Quite a Few More Indictments’ to Come from Durham Probe

Former director of National intelligence claimed Monday more indictments are on the way as a result of Special Council John Durham’s investigation.

John Durham claims” in a court filing that multiple Clinton staffers hired a technology company to infiltrate servers at Trump Tower and then at the White House in order to establish a link between Donald Trump and Russia.” This is according to a Fox broadcaster.

Ratcliffe said, “To remind viewers, it was in September of 2020 that the first time the public found out when I declassified John Brennan’s handwritten notes, there was a Hillary Clinton campaign plan to create fake Russia collusion allegations or scandal involving Donald Trump.

In other word despite the lies of the fake news media, Hillary Clinton not Donald Trump interfered in the election and interfered in a big way.

In a bombshell development Ratcliff added “I would expect there to be frankly quite a few more indictments. I think this conspiracy — I do think there was a criminal conspiracy —is broad and deep. I hope that, obviously, John Durham is moving carefully. But I would expect and anticipate based on the intelligence I’ve seen there will be quite a few more indictments relating to this.”

The only collusion found was between The Clinton campaign and the intelligence services as well as the main stream media. When President Trump made the allegations he was spied on the media as usual disputed him. Yet again he was right, the deep state colluded with The Clinton campaign.

Hillary Clinton and her associates should be indicted for illegal spying on the Trump campaign. This would set a very dangerous precedent if left unpunished. Campaigns should not engage in illegal spying on their opponents and a lame stream biased media should call balls and strikes.

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