RATINGS FAIL: CNN Fires All London Correspondents, Asks Them To Reapply For Jobs

CNN Fires London Correspondents

Reports indicate the struggling cable news outlet is set to lay off all of its London correspondents, contradicting previous reports that indicated they would cut international programming but move many of these employees to Atlanta.

Earlier today, television and cable website Adweek reported that CNN International was expected to cut back the programming it produces and airs in London and replace at least 90 minutes of content per day with American content, and new details have surfaced indicating darker tidings for the once-respected outlet, as CNN will now lay off all its London based correspondents and allow them the opportunity to reapply to maintain some level of employment.

BNL News reported that “CNN has been forced to fire essentially all of their London correspondents,” earlier this afternoon, while initial reports seemed less severe.


Adweek reported this morning that CNN’s original plan was for “some of the London-based jobs will shift to Atlanta, but overall headcount will be unchanged,” as part of its plan to reduce content produced in London.

This new round of firings comes only three days after CNN let go almost its entire health department, and only three weeks after 100 CNN employees chose to accept voluntary buyouts and left their positions.

Big League Politics reported:

As AT&T merges with WarnerMedia, 100 CNN employees have accepted voluntary buyouts due to its parent company’s restructuring.

“A network spokesperson tells Deadline the exits are purely related to the buyouts and do not involve any layoffs, contrary to a press report earlier on Monday,” said a Deadline report. “The buyouts are consistent with similar offerings at HBO and Turner and will see dozens of seasoned employees leave the news brand.”

According to the report, there is no truth to early Monday reports that there would be up to 500 layoffs at the former cable news titan. The report did not say which employees took buyouts, but noted that CNN boss Jeff Zucker will move into role of chairman of WarnerMedia News & Sports, and president of CNN.

It appears there is simply no market for vitriolic left wing pundits to rant about conspiracy theories and bash President Donald Trump in the current media landscape.

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