Ratings for Irrelevant Democrat Convention Plunge 48% Compared to 2016

Online ratings for the Democratic convention have plunged 48% in comparison to the 2016 Democrat convention, suggesting a general decline in interest in the event and the presidential nomination of career politician Joe Biden.

Only 6.13 million people turned into broadcasts from legacy media platforms CBS, ABC, and NBC, a 48% decline from ratings figures these networks gained from covering the 2016 event.

YouTube streams of the convention have also been flooded with dislikes, with streams from mainstream media organizations receiving more dislikes than likes. The decline in interest has come as Democratic bigwigs such as Bill Clinton, Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, Michelle Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have spoken. The largely digital event has featured streams from various locations across the country, with only Biden slated for an in-person nomination acceptance speech from Milwaukee.

Democratic operatives have claimed that the weak viewership numbers are a result of the convention format.

The decline in interest comes as many Americans have additional free time, with wide swathes of the national population still not working due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even as Americans have more leisure time than in recent memory, they can’t seem to find time for the boring Democratic convention.

The Democratic Party is irrelevant. The appeal of Joe Biden lies solely in that he “isn’t Trump,” and the party isn’t offering anything more than canned platitudes to the nation that would attract attention to its convention.

The Republican Party’s convention will occur next week, with a comparable digital format. It will feature President Donald Trump accepting the nomination for President in a speech on the White House Lawn, and it appears possible to likely that the RNC will crush its Democratic equivalent in viewership and ratings.

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