REALITY CHECK: More Gun Control Would NOT Have Stopped Virginia Beach Perpetrator

After the Virginia Beach shooting on May 31, 2019, politicians and celebrities have called for more gun control.

Actress Alyssa Milano demanded that Congress pass universal gun registration bill, HR 8.

BLP reported on HR 8’s passage on February 26, 2019 which was the most significant piece of gun control passed in either chamber of the U.S. Congress since the passage of the Brady Act in the 1990s.

Under H.R. 8, millions of private gun sales and transfers could potentially be criminalized. Prospective buyers would have to pass a background check just like buyers who go to a store to purchase guns.

The problem with calls for more gun control is that the Virginia Beach shooter, DeWayne Craddock acquired the .45 handgun he used to commit this heinous act legally. In other words, he had to pass the mandatory NICS background check. On top of that, this shooting was committed in a gun-free zone according to a report from the Crime Research Prevention Center.

On top of that, H.R. 8 looks to be dead in the water due to Republican control of the U.S. Senate.

However, this will not faze the anti-gun Left, who use these shootings as a way to further their anti-gun agenda.

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