Reasons To Impeach Joe Biden

Talk of impeaching Joe Biden has ramped up as of late, especially among MAGA circles. This talk of course assumes a post-midterm election scenario involving GOP control of the House of Representatives and maybe even a senate with 60 Republicans, although the latter is far less likely.

Steve Baldwin tackled the topic on American Greatness, arguing that the GOP should waste no time in impeaching Biden immediately should they regain control of the House. ‘Why?’ You may ask.

“Well,” Baldwin began, “for the same reason a Democrat-controlled House impeached Donald Trump—twice.”

The writer went on to explain that the purpose of impeachment inquiries by Democrats against Trump sought to do far more than frivously seek a likely impossible removal from office; their true agenda was to “persuade millions of middle-of-the-road and independent voters that Trump had done something terribly wrong.” Baldwin further explained these proceedings were used “to sow doubt in the minds of low-information voters.”

Reasons given to justify a Biden impeachment remained plentiful, including:

Refusing to enforce federal immigration laws. “Probably the most compelling is the utter lawlessness [by] President Biden to enforce the border,” Texas Senator Ted Cruz said recently. “His decision to just defy immigration laws. That’s probably the strongest grounds right now for impeachment.” 

Weaponizing and politicizing the COVID epidemic. One could argue that many constitutional violations arose from Biden’s response to the Chinese coronavirus, including Biden’s Covid-19 inoculation mandates on private businesses that were recently thrown out by the Supreme Court of the United States. The White House had indicated in the past that they lack authority to enact such orders by the admission of Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who said mandates are “not the role of the federal government.” It was further pointed out that numerous Biden agencies, including the Pentagon, have repeatedly refused to honor religious exemptions to the jab.

The piece continues, importantly touching upon Biden’s public calls for Big Tech to censor his political opposition by “deal[ing] with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on [their] shows” before going into the weaponization of federal agencies against the American citizenry. These attacks by agencies on the American people remain numerous, ranging from the Washington, D.C. protests of January 6th, 2020 to the Justice Department’s terror watch list comprised of parents who oppose hateful and racist critical race theory teachings. More can be read by clicking here.

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