Reba McEntire to become Colonel Sanders for ‘Smoky Mountain BBQ’ campaign

Beginning Jan. 28, ads featuring multiple Grammy-Award winning entertainer Reba McEntire will air on television and computer screens nationwide to promote KFC’s new Smoky Mountain BBQ fried chicken. (PRNewsfoto/KFC)

Kentucky Fried Chicken announced today that country music singer Reba McEntire was selected to play the role of Col. Harland D. Sanders, the iconic founder and spokesman of the restaurant chain for an ad campaign promoting their KFC’s new Smoky Mountain BBQ fried chicken.

“I grew up with Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s part of my story, and I’m so excited to now be part of theirs,” said McEntire.

“I’ve held a lot of roles in my life – sort of like the Colonel himself – but this is certainly the most unique one yet,” she said.

McEntire is the first female celebrity perform as the colonel, since the chain brought back Colonel Sanders, who died in 1980.

“With Reba’s southern roots and entrepreneurial spirit, she truly embodies the values of the Colonel and the crowd-pleasing flavor of our Smoky Mountain BBQ,” said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC’s chief marketing officer.

“The pairing of a universally loved music legend like Reba with a universally appealing flavor like Smoky Mountain BBQ makes what I like to call ‘Smoky Mountain Magic,” Zahumensky said.

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