Rebel Media Correspondent Eyes Run For Heritage Foundation Presidency

Rebel Media

The Washington Bureau Chief of Rebel Media and former Special Projects Director of Citizens for Trump is considering running for president of the Heritage Foundation. He told Big League Politics that he challenges the conservative think tank to open up voting to all Foundation members and to hold a livestream debate.

After it was announced that former Republican senator Jim DeMint had been ousted from the position at the DC-based think tank, many Trump supporters immediately claimed it had something to do with his support for the president.

That included Rebel Media’s Jack Posobiec, who took to Twitter to announce his intention to run for the now-vacant top spot.

“Jim DeMint was given the boot because he was seen as too close to the Trump administration, and older out-of-touch members of Heritage didn’t like the fact that Trump beat them at their own game,” Posobiec told Big League Politics.

Posobiec, originally from Pennsylvania, has worked on four presidential campaigns as well as campaigns for Senate, Congress, and Governor seats. He also served in the US Navy, with multiple deployments under his belt, according to his biography on Rebel Media.

“As a President’s Club Member of the @Heritage Foundation I hereby declare my candidacy to succeed Jim DeMint as next President and CEO,” Posobiec tweeted.

Speaking to Big League Politics, Posobiec expressed his frustration with current state of the organization.

“I have been a member of Heritage since 2007, but they never do anything but take well-meaning peoples’ money and put it in their own pockets, or give it to their friends,” Posobiec told BLP. “I think that with the $100 million budget of the Heritage Foundation, we can use that to support ‘America First’ candidates throughout the United States and support the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda — rather than use the organization as a slush fund as it is now.”

“I’ve spoken to some people with connections to the Board of Trustees. They have my info. Problem is that it’s a totally closed process, no open voting,” Posobiec told BLP. “Unacceptable in 2017. I demand an open vote of all members and challenge all candidates to a livestream debate.”

In a Periscope live video, Posobiec asserted that if he were to be voted president, the Heritage Foundation would change from being a “mere political think tank” to an “action arm of politics.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, today Heritage announced that they are looking for a new president to lead their national operations out of Washington, DC,” Posobiec began. “I myself many years ago was given a membership to the Heritage Foundation… I have never attended a Heritage meeting, I have never attended a Heritage discussion or breakout event. I have never once set foot in Heritage offices.”

“That is why Jack Posobiec — veteran, author, and real news journalist — is the best candidate possible for the presidency of the Heritage Foundation,” Posobiec said.

Posobiec added that as President, he would change the organization’s slogan to “My ancestors are smiling at me.”

As Heritage Foundation president, Posobiec also vowed that he would fight to remove Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, have antifa labeled a terrorist organization, and make sure that President Donald Trump follows through on his promise to build a wall along the southern border of the United States.

DeMint issued a statement following the announcement that he was voted out of the top spot, listing the achievements of the organization under his leadership.

“The public statement released earlier is puzzling given that the board of trustees has praised our work for four years and approved performance bonuses for the entire management team each year for a job well done,” DeMint said.

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