The Rebirth of Cointelpro: Sally Yates Auditions To Play J. Edgar Hoover

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From 1956 to 1971, the FBI ran its own “counterintelligence” unit coded COINTELPRO for short. It infiltrated domestic political movements, inspired false flags, planted false stories, spied on Americans, and defamed and libeled its way to influence against various civil rights and civil liberties movements across the country. It even tried to trigger violence and mob conflicts to destabilize opposing political movements. Its key director for an extended time was Mark Felt, who the world now thinks is a hero, because of the sanctified version of him in Woodward’s Watergate caper story. When the deep state decided to rid itself of Nixon because Nixon tried to de-hooverize the FBI after Hoover’s death, it was Mr. COINTELPRO himself, Mark Felt, who led the effort. Hoover was effective for a reason, and Felt learned what he knew at Hoover’s knee, or maybe on it.

Sally Yates, too, admits she worked hand-in-glove with the FBI counter-intelligence unit that is supposed to be sealed off from political appointees like Yates. Yates conceded she worked with someone from the national security council as well. In other words, Yates was manning the deep state ‘inquiry” into her political adversary, General Mike Flynn, using surveillance obtained without a warrant, unmasked without meeting lawful standards for unmasking, and coordinating an investigation beyond her partisan position without recusal. Indeed, by the liberals’ own logic in calling for Sessions’ recusal (his open advocacy for Trump), Yates, too should have recused herself from conveniently investigating her political adversaries, using unlawfully unmasked surveillance on Americans, and questionable FBI interviews of recent cabinet appointees to run a smear campaign against General Mike Flynn.

According to Yates, her grand evidence of “conspiracy” was Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador about sanctions that cooled the heels of Russia after Obama issued more sanctions against Russia, and then not remembering this brief discussion when asked by FBI agents, agents who are yet to explain what they were doing interviewing Flynn without counsel in the first place on a matter they failed to tell him was under investigation anyway. The grand evidence of possible blackmail: that Flynn once talked to the Russian ambassador in a brief call. What a joke. By that standard, Obama could have been blackmailed in far more creative ways given his unknown past in a range of countries, and his secret negotiations with Iran, including unauthorized ransom payments. Yates, of her Most High Ethics, says she ran to the White House because she was shocked, shocked, to hear a politician say something she thought might be untrue. Where was she for 8 years of Obama?

The FBI claims to be serious about the leaks investigation, but both Clapper and Flynn admitted at the hearing today that neither had even been questioned by the FBI. Yates admitted she reviewed and saw intercepts of Trump, Trump associates and members of Congress, but refused to give details of it. She also admitted she shared this information with “members of the intel community” but refused to identify which ones. Yates went further and said the issue was “a topic of a whole lot of discussion, in DOJ and with other members of the intel community, and discussed it at great length.” Clearly, she is a key witness in the leaks case, but the FBI, supposedly “investigating” the leaks case, hasn’t even talked to her? But they could rush up to interview Flynn days within his appointment on a dubious case? FBI can’t get around to asking questions of Hillary without her lawyers present in an off-the-record case, but they can rush to interview Flynn on a non-existent case? Was that because Yates was really running the case and the agency is anxious to protect her and her allies?

Yates’ testimony revealed she should be the one answering FBI questions, not Flynn. But FBI Director Comey is too busy explaining to everybody how innocent Hillary is.

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