Recent Pro-Trump Convert Kevin McCarthy Demands Apology After RussiaGate Hoax Busted

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) demanded those who pushed the RussiaGate hoax for two years apologize to the American people after Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s investigation turned up no evidence of collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

“Sunday was a very good day for America, regardless of where you stand politically,” McCarthy opened. “It was a moment in time where you got the answer to the question. It was a very clear answer. No collusion.”

Notably, Rep. McCarthy has a long history of turmoil with conservative and populist Republicans. McCarthy was rated as one of the most liberal Republicans by Conservative Review, carding a score of 36%, an “F”.

McCarthy even tried to blame conservatives for Republican losses during the 2018 midterm elections —  an allegation perhaps driven by the reality that his would-be Speakership was derailed by House conservatives and their open allusion to his zipper problems, as New York Magazine details here.

But in 2019, the congressman has been very clear on what he wanted to see from politicians and media types who spread the RussiaGate conspiracy hoax.

“For those who misled the American public, for those who said for more than two years that there’s circumstantial evidence of collusion, owe America an apology,” McCarthy said. To mislead us, to lead us down a path, to withhold our ability to solve problems that were before the American public, and now it’s a moment of time for the Democrats to turn a page — not to waste their majority as they have for the time that they have been in.”

The conspiracy theorists in the fake news media often stated as a fact that Trump was guilty of collusion, or implied as much when they discussed his removal from office by way of impeachment.

McCarthy also demanded an apology on behalf of Trump.

“I think he’s owed an apology from every individual that stood there and said they had proof. If they said they knew of collusion … I do believe he’s owed an apology from anyone that put their politics of dislike before the American public.”

While McCarthy is likely to try to take the gavel from Nancy Pelosi should Republicans assume the house majority in 2020, many Trump supporters remain unconvinced of sincere conversion to the Trump vision for putting America first.


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