Records Numbers of Syrian Males Obtained German Citizenship in 2022

In 2022, a record number of Syrian nationals obtained German citizenship. In that year,  the country processed the largest number of naturalizations in over a two decade timespan, per new figures published on May 30, 2023.

According to data published by Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), 48,320 Syrian nationals were naturalized across Germany in 2022, which is double the 19,095 naturalizations of Syrians that took place in 2021.

The 2022 figure is 24 times greater than the 2,263 Syrian nationals receiving nationalization in 2016 — the height of the migrant crisis in Europe.

Syrians alone made up 29% of all naturalizations that took place in Germany in 2022, as 168,545 foreign nationals were naturalized that year.

“On average, they were 24.8 years old and two-thirds were male. Before they were naturalized, they had stayed in Germany for an average of 6.4 years,” Destatis noted.

“The high number of naturalizations by Syrians is related to the immigration of Syrians seeking protection in the years 2014 to 2016 and who are now increasingly meeting the requirements for naturalization,” the statistics office continued noting.

Turkish nationals were the second largest group to be naturalized, with 14,235 individuals receiving citizenship in 2022. 6,810 and 5,565 nationals from Iraq and Ukraine received German citizenship respectively. 

According to Thomas Brooke of Remix News, the majority of foreign nationals have to live legally in Germany for at least 8 years to be eligible for naturalization. However, individuals can apply early via special integration services. In order to go about doing this, the applicant must demonstrate good language skills, professional achievements, and civic commitment, per Destatis.

“With 23,100 early naturalizations due to special integration achievements, the number in 2022 has almost doubled compared to the previous year (12,400) and reached a new high. Of these, 13,900 Syrians (60 percent) made up the most frequently represented nationality,” the stats office stated.

The figures come days following German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s decision to publish draft legislation designed to make it easier for foreign nationals living in the country to receive citizenship. The German government is promoting said reforms to fill in alleged labor shortages. 

Under this legislative reform, the 8-year residency requirement will be knocked down to just 5 or 3 years, and several language requirements for citizenship will be loosened up as well.

Germany’s political class is clearly engaging in treasonous behavior. The replacement of a country’s core population under the pretext of economic justifications is the highest form of treason. Hopefully, German immigration patriots mobilize effectively to check their political class’s treacherous behavior. 

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