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Reddit ‘Quarantines’ Popular The Donald Subreddit, Cites Links To Project Veritas Google Report

Reddit’s The_Donald is the latest pro-Trump community to be hit by censorship at the hands of big tech.



Reddit The Donald Quarantine

The popular subreddit The_Donald, where President Donald Trump participated in an “Ask Me Anything” during the 2016 campaign, has been quarantined by Reddit with flimsy reasoning.

This morning the popular The_Donald subreddit was placed in a quarantine by Reddit. Users now have to agree to an ominous warning before viewing the page, informing them that the subreddit has repeatedly broken rules, most particularly rules about calling for violence against public officials.

After gaining access to the subreddit, users can see the entire message provided to the_Donald’s staff, which tells a different story.

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Reddit explains that the Reddit staff is having to remove too many posts that violate rules from the subreddit, particularly regarding the recent standoff between public officials in Oregon that saw the governor threaten to send state police to pacify the situation and militia groups discussing plans to storm the capitol. According to Reddit, with no evidence provided, users on The_Donald were calling for violence against public officials in the state.

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However, in a screen shot provided to The_Donald by Reddit, the number of posts removed by the Reddit staff amounts to roughly one per day. Additionally, several items removed were discussions related to Project Veritas’ recent report about Google, which revealed the company plans to use its power to prevent the next “Trump situation”.

Interestingly, last year Big League Politics reported that a Google employee was helping Reddit censor supporters of President Trump:

Top Reddit moderators have identified a current Google employee as a suspected member of the left-wing plot to infiltrate pro-Trump subreddits. Many of the conspirators pose as Trump supporters, and post offensive content to get the subreddits shut down.

Top moderators have now identified more than 30 left-wingers including Google and CBS employees and activists linked to Media Matters and the ACLU as being involved in the plot. The CBS employee denies involvement. So far, “The Great Awakening” has been banned by Reddit, and numerous other pro-Trump subreddits have been wiped clean or otherwise manipulated, while pro-Trump users get banned. (READ: SOROS EMPLOYEE: Meet The Reddit Executive Banning Trump Supporters).

The effort even has an official name: BanOut 2018, and an official page that went private after Reddit administrators told the page to disperse, in response to the backlash that Reddit is receiving for its censorship efforts.

Possibly as a result of our journalism, links to Big league Politics are now banned from Reddit.

The staff behind The_Donald suggest this is an attempt to manipulate the next election by stifling the subreddit’s effectiveness. In their post about the quarantine, they write “It would seem they’ve set up an impossible standard as a reason to kill us before the 2020 election,” and on Twitter they add that the subreddit was “quarantined on the eve of the Democrat Debates”.

Communicating with Big League Politics, The_Donald’s staff believes the Project Veritas video was likely central to Reddit’s decision to remove them.

The video was “obviously hit the far-left tech world hard, and put a lot of coal in their censorship engines,” according to The_Donald’s staff, and “It was likely the final straw to lead them to take harsh action against us.”

We were also informed that, prior to the quarantine, the subreddit saw several million visitors per day.

Big League Politics contacted Reddit for further clarification about the alleged violent threats against public officials and how the Project Veritas discussion impacted the decision. We did not receive an immediate response.


BANNED BY GOOGLE: #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Evidence of Electoral Fraud is Removed From Youtube

The video had received tens of thousands of views.



A video detailing the explosive evidence of election trainers in the city of Detroit telling poll workers how to lie to voters, destroy ballots, and disenfranchise poll challengers on election day has been removed from YouTube.

YouTube, the Google-owned monopoly video platform, issued a notice to the Detroit Leaks channel claiming that the video was pulled because it violated their terms of service with regards to spam, deceptive practices and scams. This is the channel’s first strike on the platform. Continued violations could result in the removal of the page permanently.

“Content that contains spam, scams, and other deceptive practices that take advantage of the community are not allowed on YouTube. This includes titles, thumbnails, or descriptions that promises users something in the video but actually directs them on to another site,” Google wrote in their notice about the censoring of the #DetroitLeaks video.

The Detroit Leaks page has appealed the decision made by YouTube and are demanding the immediate reinstatement of the video on the platform.

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“The video is accurately presented and described. Please reverse this capricious censorship that could also be considered a form of electoral interference. Thanks,” the page wrote in their appeal to Google.

The violation was sent on the night of Thursday, Oct. 29, as Google’s electoral interference schemes kick into high gear:

The video can now be accessed on BitChute here.

Big League Politics reported earlier in the week on how the #DetroitLeaks revelations have resulted in the reaffirmation of the rights of poll challengers in the Michigan courts:

One day after vowing to fight a crucial voter integrity lawsuit in the courts, the Michigan attorney general’s office has conceded to demands that plaintiffs believe will clarify the role of poll challengers in the state.

The case was heard in the Michigan Court of Claims, which springs from shocking #DetroitLeaks revelations that show election workers cackling as their instructor explains how they will be able to use COVID-19 social distancing rules to disenfranchise poll challengers.

Attorneys Philip Ellison and Matt Gronda appeared on behalf of the plaintiffs, state representative candidate Stephen Carra and electoral integrity watchdog Bob Cushman. Assistant attorney general Erik Grill attended on behalf of Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel.

“At this point, your honor, I am happy to report that the parties and the attorneys have been working very diligently this morning to try and reach a resolution, and I’m happy to report that we have,” Gronda said.

He explained that the secretary of state’s office will be sending out an explicit notice before Oct. 29 at 5pm that makes clear the rights of poll challengers and watchers.

Gronda said that the new directive would be approximate to this: “Challengers and poll watchers have certain rights and responsibilities established by Michigan election law. Challengers and poll watchers are required to wear masks that cover the nose and mouth to the extent medically able to do so consistent with the MDHHS order and maintain social distancing while not performing their legal duties.”

“Challengers and poll watchers should maintain at least six feet of distance between themselves and election workers and voters as reasonably possible. However, to the extent that it is necessary to temporarily stand in closer proximity to election workers, to have a challenge heard, to observe the poll book, or perform any other legal duty, challengers and poll watchers are permitted to do so, provided close personal interaction is as brief as possible,” the new directive continues.

“Once a challenge or necessary observation is complete, challengers and poll watchers should resume remaining six feet away from voters and poll workers,” the directive concludes. Gronda noted that the state would be entering into a binding written agreement with the plaintiffs.

The #DetroitLeaks revelations have prompted many Michigan patriots to insert themselves in the process to stop fraud by becoming poll challengers. Poll challengers are needed throughout the country, and more information can be found at about how to become a poll challenger in your state.

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