Released From Hospital, Andy Ngo Urges the Public to Help Identify His ANTIFA Assailants

Journalist Andy Ngo of Quillette, who was battered viciously by left-wing ANTIFA terrorists in the streets of Portland, OR on Saturday, is eliciting assistance in identifying his attackers.

The Portland Police is asking for people to submit tips online. People can also call the Detective Division at (503) 823-0400 to submit information. They can submit an anonymous tip via SMS to CRIMES (274637) and then by typing “823HELP,” followed by the information.

Shamefully, leftists are still taunting Ngo and casting doubt on his story despite the fact that the vicious mob assault against him was caught on video.

The vicious assault against Ngo can be seen here:

Portland law enforcement are confirming that it was likely quick-drying concrete that was used by ANTIFA to attack Ngo and others at the rally.

“As the event progressed, officers learned from some participants that a substance similar to quick drying concrete was being added to some of the “milkshakes.” A Lieutenant in the field observed some of the material and noted the texture and smell was consistent with concrete,” the Portland police wrote.

“Officers observed a number of participants in the crowd who concealed and brandished weapons, including collapsible batons, projectiles, and firearms, to name a few. Attempts were made to effect arrests when possible and resources were available,” the police added.

They noted that there is no law barring protesters from wearing masks, which makes it more difficult to apprehend criminals engaging in acts of terror.

“There is no current law or ordinance prohibiting covering of the face in a protest and commission of a crime, which makes it more difficult for investigators to identify perpetrators of violence. This is exploited by criminals who engage in acts of violence,” they wrote.

The police defended their actions, claiming that they deployed their resources “with great thought and consideration and in groups in order to be most effective.”

However, their hands-off approach regarding ANTIFA has caused incredible chaos to take hold in the streets. Law enforcement will have to get serious about putting down this terrorist threat, even if it means disobeying far-left Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, if they want to regain law and order in the city they are sworn to defend.

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