Released Transcript Shows George Floyd was Resisting and High on Drugs During Fatal Police Encounter

Transcripts have been released from the police encounter with George Floyd, the drug addicted serial felon whose death has sparked nationwide rioting and an anti-white cultural revolution. They show that Floyd was resisting throughout the encounter and was completely incoherent due to being high on drugs.

“We’re here because it sounds like you gave a fake bill to the individuals in there,” one of the officers told Floyd, according to the transcript.

“Yeah,” Floyd responded.

“And do you know why we pulled you out of the car? Because you was not listening to anything we told you,” the officer stated.

“Right, but I didn’t know what was going on,” responded Floyd, essentially admitting that he was resisting law enforcement.

The situation became more tense from there as Floyd was belligerent, apparently too high on drugs to even really understand what was taking place.

“God, man. I will do anything to get me out. Why is this going on like this? Look at my wrists, Mr. Officer. I’m not that kind of guy,” Floyd pleaded as he resisted getting in the cop car.

“Sit still,” the officer responded.

“Mr. Officer, I’m not that kind of guy. Please, I’m not that kind of guy, Mr. Officer. Please. God. Please, man. Don’t leave me by myself, man. Please,” Floyd continued.

The cops offered to roll the windows down in the police car to help allay Floyd’s supposed claustrophobia, but that did not stop him from resisting.

“I’ll get on the ground, anything,” Floyd said, explicitly requesting that officers put him on the ground.

“I can’t. Hold on. I can’t choke. I can’t breathe, Mr officer. Please, please,” Floyd said before he was ever put on the ground.

“My wrists. My wrists, man. My wrists, man. Please. I can’t…I’ll lay on the ground. I’ll lay on the ground,” he pleaded.

Former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, who is being charged with the second-degree murder of Floyd, had to lay down the law to the unruly perpetrator.

“You’re under arrest guy… That’s why you’re going to jail,” Chauvin told Floyd.

“I can’t breathe for nothing, man , this cold blooded man,” Floyd said.

“All right, you’re doing a lot of talking,” Chauvin responded.

At this point, cops called EMS to deal with any potential medical problems that Floyd may have been suffering due to his claustrophobia, a panic attack, drug use, or whatever else.

“We’ll hold him until EMS shows up,” Chauvin said.

Floyd continued to complain while he was on the ground and demand to be stood up, despite the fact that he had just begged to be put on the ground. Law enforcement officers told Floyd to remain calm and noted that they had found a pipe on the man.

“He’s got to be on something,” an officer said. Floyd would pass away shortly afterward likely due to the consequences of his own decisions.

Toxicology reports after Floyd’s death showed that he was high on fentanyl and meth, as Big League Politics has reported:

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has announced that George Floyd, whose death during an encounter with Minneapolis police has set off nationwide riots, had fentanyl in his system during his passing with the cause of death being a heart attack.

The medical examiner claims that Floyd suffered “a cardiopulmonary arrest while being restrained by law enforcement.” In addition, the report claims that Floyd had used methamphetamine recently in addition to the fentanyl. They listed his cause of death as a homicide…

Big League Politics reported last week about the county medical examiner’s original determination that there were “no physical findings” of “traumatic asphyxia or strangulation” in George Floyd’s Death.

Turns out that the entire basis of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) terror movement was based on a lie. This will not stop their nationwide campaign of destruction though, as they will continue their racial dominance activity regardless of the facts of the Floyd case.

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