Religious Leader of Iran Praises Increased Ties with Russia

In the last two decades, Russia and Iran have grown closer in matters of economic and military cooperation.

These relations have only strengthened in the aftermath of the launch of Russia’s controversial special military operation in Ukraine. With Russian President Vladimir Putin making a visit to Iranian capital of Tehran earlier this week, this relationship has only strengthened. 

According to a report by Press TV, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei used Putin’s visit to Iran to attack the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). He described the United States-led military alliance as “dangerous.” 

Khamenei believes that NATO’s desire to expand its influence has no bounds. The Iranian religious leader stressed that NATO’s ambitions had to be halted in Ukraine or a much broader war would have sparked in regions like Crimea — an area that Russia considers as a part of its sovereign territory. 

Khamenei made these statements during a meeting with Putin who made a visit to Tehran on July 19, 2022 to participate in a summit with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to discuss the peace process for the Syrian conflict.

“War is a harsh and difficult reality, and the Islamic Republic will in no way be happy if it entangles ordinary people,” Khamenei declared.

“In the case of Ukraine, however, if you had not taken the initiative, the opposite side would have caused [the outbreak] of war with its own initiative,” Khamenei continued. 

Khamenei proclaimed that Western countries are strongly opposed to a strong and independent Russia.

Khamenei  said the US and its NATO allies have become weaker throughout the past decade. He called attention to how their imperial efforts have become less effective “in regional countries, including Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.”

Iran’s religious leader stressed that Iran and Russia must remain vigilant when dealing with the Collective West.

The Supreme Leader of Iran stressed the importance of economic cooperation between Russia and Iran, especially during the sanctions war Russia has had to face after launching its special military operation in Ukraine. 

“Long-term cooperation between Iran and Russia will be deeply beneficial to both countries,” declared Khamenei .

Iran’s religious leader stressed the importance of forging oil and gas agreements between the two countries. He ultimately wants these agreements to be “followed through to the end and become operational.”

Khamenei also touched on the importance of rolling out the Rasht-Astara railway as a way to complete the North-South Transport Corridor so that both countries benefit from heightened economic intercourse. 

The religious leader expressed his support for replacing the American dollar with national currencies in bilateral trade interactions. He declared that “The dollar should be gradually removed from global transactions.”

The Iranian president praised military cooperation between Russia and Iran in Syria as a means of fighting terrorism and bringing stability to the Middle East. 

“Those countries in the West Asian region that claimed to fight terrorism did not take any effective steps in this regard, but it was the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia that showed their sincerity and determination in this field through serious cooperation in the battle against terrorism,” Raisi continued.

Given the West’s overzealous foreign policy that has alienated both Russia and Iran, it’s only natural that both of these countries draw close to one another. Along with China, we’re witnessing the creation of a Eurasian geopolitical bloc that is forming to check Western overreach in the region. 

Washington policymakers may be in for a rude awakening as the multipolar geopolitical order further consolidates in the upcoming years. 

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